Quebec minimum wage goes up to $10.55 an hour

Minimum wage in Quebec is going up today from $10.35 an hour to $10.55 an hour.

20 cent hike comes into effect today

Quebec's minimum wage workers will now make 20 cents more an hour.

Minimum wage in Quebec is going up today from $10.35 an hour to $10.55 an hour.

Quebec Labour Minister Sam Hamad announced the move last December, saying he's hopeful the change will motivate those on welfare to enter the workforce.

"People need to know that working is more lucrative," Hamad said at the time.

The government says the increase is 0.1 per cent higher than the rate of inflation forecast for 2015.

In Quebec, 270,000 people earn minimum wage — more than half of them women.

Last May, minimum wage also increased by 20 cents an hour, rising to $10.35.


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