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Black employees slam Ontario Public Service for rampant, systemic racism

Five employees of Ontario Public Service who are Black say they've been excluded from dozens of opportunities to move up, denied overtime and sick days and suffered demeaning comments because of the organization's systemic racism.

Biden brings old hostilities and new grievances to meeting with Putin

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have decades of political experience and share a preference for aviator sunglasses, but don’t expect the highly anticipated summit between the two presidents in Geneva on Wednesday to thaw frozen U.S.-Russian relations, writes Susan Ormiston.

Vaccinated Canadians overseas frustrated that they were left out of new entry rules

Some who received Russian or Chinese vaccine may not benefit from future easing of 14-day quarantine

David Bowie painting found in dump near North Bay, Ont., expected to fetch up to $12K

A painting by British musician David Bowie that was discovered in a northern Ontario landfill is expected to sell at auction for up to $12,000, and maybe much more.

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