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Canada says Saudi explanation of Khashoggi's death lacks 'credibility'

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Saturday that Saudi Arabia's "explanations offered to date lack consistency and credibility" and called for a thorough investigation.

New mayors elected as political dynasties fall in elections across B.C.

This is the first municipal vote in B.C. since new campaign finance rules were implemented that limit corporate and union donations. It's also an election that will see big change in some Metro Vancouver cities, where more than a dozen mayors are not seeking re-election.

Migrant caravan to U.S. stalls at Mexico-Guatemala border, as hundreds return home

Hundreds of mostly Honduran migrants began the long trek home on Saturday, some using free bus tickets from Central American authorities, while many more members of a stalled caravan remained in Guatemala at a tense border crossing with Mexico.

'It's a mess': Pot shop owners say Alberta is running out of weed

After four days of lineups at pot shops across the province, some store owners say there's not enough weed left to keep their doors open and they're struggling to order more.

Health officials investigate salmonella outbreak in 5 provinces

Public health officials in five provinces are investigating a salmonella outbreak that has affected 45 individuals, some of whom ate cucumbers, although other sources are being investigated.

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