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75 years after Auschwitz liberation, anti-Semitism on the rise in Germany

As the world remembers more than a million people who died at Auschwitz, a survey conducted for the World Jewish Congress says one in four Germans harbours some form of anti-Semitic belief.

Giant Canadian construction project incorporates low carbon heating and cooling: Don Pittis

Cooling Toronto's giant computer server farms will help keep residents warm as Enwave plans electric heat pumps for its low-carbon thermal technology.

New NAFTA top priority as Parliament resumes Monday

The new North American trade deal is expected to take centre stage when Parliament returns Monday, marking the first challenge for a Liberal minority government that will need Opposition support to pass legislation.

Quebec suspends plan to make assisted dying open to people with mental illness

The Quebec government has put on hold its decision to allow medically assisted death to people with severe mental illness. "We need to have a social consensus around this question," the province's health minister said.

Impeachment outcome is a foregone conclusion, but how Trump's defence tackles Biden could sway voters

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was not central to the brief opening arguments of the defence in the impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump, but he is sure to come up this week. How the defence team paints the former vice-president could prove consequential in the November election.

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