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Vladimir Putin has raised the stakes in the Ukraine war. Now what?

Vladimir Putin followed through on his threat to annex occupied Ukrainian territories, thereby drastically raising the stakes in his war on Ukraine. What comes next though is unclear. Putin has framed the conflict as a much broader fight against Western nations, and has threatened to use nuclear weapons to achieve his goals.

After 3rd major storm in 5 years, Magdalen Islanders say they're on 'front line' of climate change

With the latest evidence of just how much damage one ferocious storm can wreak, many islanders hope political leaders can now see the urgency of the situation and just what it will take to save their foothold in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Nord Stream pipeline leak in Baltic Sea could cement Europe's shift to renewables — eventually

Before the Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea sprung massive leaks this week, spewing out tons of methane into the water and atmosphere, Europe had started planning for a long-term future without Russian gas — prompted by Putin's war in Ukraine. 

In Fiona's wake, politicians reflect on Canadians' kindness after natural disasters

MPs Matthew Kelloway and Brad Vis reflect on lessons learned from helping their communities cope with major natural disasters.

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