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3 decades. 3 teachers. 1 school. And dozens of victims

Over the span of decades, three different teachers at the same Ottawa high school preyed sexually on students. Now, for the first time, some of the victims are speaking about what they endured.

Postal workers' union makes counter-offer

There is no end in sight for the Canada Post rotating strikes, after the postal workers' union rejected the corporation's contract offer and countered with its own proposal.

Scheer urges Liberals to set date for balanced budget

Accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of breaking promises and robbing future generations, the Conservatives stepped up pressure on the government to release a date for a balanced budget at a news conference on Sunday.

Toronto boys' private school launches independent review amid sexual assault investigation by police

A Toronto private boys' school at the centre of controversy after allegations that students have been assaulted or sexually assaulted on camera says that it will launch a "rigorous independent examination."
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A new 'arms race': How the U.S. military is spending millions to fight fake images

Fake videos that appear real are just one of the reasons a specialized team at the U.S. Department of Defence is investing tens of millions of dollars to develop competing technology that would automatically spot manipulated videos and images.

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