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Could volcanoes in Canada be used to generate green energy? Scientists are hoping so

Old volcanoes beneath mountains near Whistler, B.C., hold a big green energy promise: the potential to harness geothermal heat for power. Now scientists and industry are working on ways to tap into the resource.

Fed up with being unable to find a home, this B.C. man built a houseboat from recycling bins and road signs

After eight years of living in tents, a car, and homemade structures in B.C. and Alberta — and over a year on the B.C. Housing waiting list for shelter — Philip Hathaway and his wife took to the sea on a boat he built himself.

NDP calling for probe of grocery store profits as food prices continue to rise

The federal NDP is calling for a parliamentary probe of the rising cost of food to determine whether major grocery store chains are raking in excess profits.

'Unprecedented' Nord Stream pipeline damage in Baltic Sea raises suspicion as to causes

A series of unusual leaks on two natural gas pipelines running from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany triggered concerns about possible sabotage Tuesday, overshadowing the inauguration of a long-awaited pipeline in Poland that will bolster energy independence from Moscow.

This video game about playing trombone badly is blowing up — to the shock of its creator

Dan Vecchitto — creative force behind Trombone Champ — didn't meant to make a hit video game.

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