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What's behind Trump's spying claim and his AG's new powers to investigate

U.S. President Donald Trump has empowered Attorney General William Barr with new, broader authorities to investigate Trump's claim that U.S. intelligence agencies engaged in treasonous "spying" on his 2016 election campaign.

WestJet gets 'formal warning' for misleading passengers about why it cancelled flights

The Canadian Transportation Agency issued WestJet a "formal warning" after it violated Air Transportation Regulations by incorrectly telling passengers in late 2017 that it cancelled certain flights due to airport closures in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Scheer steps back from his deficit promise — and denies Trudeau a weapon

It's far too soon to measure Justin Trudeau's political legacy, but he's managed at least one truly remarkable achievement: he has persuaded the Conservative Party to admit that balancing the federal budget in a hurry is not absolutely necessary.
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'You disappointed us': Why is Canada opposing more transparency in drug prices?

Frustration at the pharmaceutical industry's high prices and secrecy bubbled over at the World Health Assembly this week as delegates fought for a strongly-worded resolution calling for greater transparency in the cost of clinical trials, drug R&D and prices. But some countries, including Canada, pushed for softer wording that could maintain secrecy in prices and research.

Despite more packaging, meal kits are greener than groceries, study suggests

A new study suggests that meal kits from companies like HelloFresh and Chef's Plate produced about 33 per cent less greenhouse gas than the same meal made from groceries bought in a store.

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