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Ford says Ontario's done its 'fair share' on climate change - but that's not how it works

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's latest line on carbon pricing is to claim that Ontarians have done their "fair share" already. He might want to run that strategy past his anti-carbon tax allies in the West.

With Quebec dam at risk of failing, evacuation ordered on Rouge River in western Laurentians

Quebec's Public Security Ministry is warning that the hydroelectric dam at Bell Falls on the Rouge River in the western Laurentians region is at imminent risk of failure. It's urging anyone down river to leave the area immediately. 

'This is the face of the health-care crisis': Woman issues plea to N.S. premier

Inez Rudderham posted an emotional video this week asking Stephen McNeil to “tell me there is no health-care crisis.” She said her cancer went undiagnosed for two years because she couldn’t access a family doctor.

Over 20 million children worldwide miss out on measles vaccine annually

About 169 million children worldwide missed out on being vaccinated between 2010 and 2017, according to a UNICEF report.

'It's time for us to watch them': App lets you spy on Alexa and the rest of your smart devices

It's no secret that our increasingly "smart" houses have become a rich source of data for companies. We know — in a general sense, anyway — that we are sacrificing some privacy for the sake of convenience. What most of us don't know is how much —and to whom. A new tool can provide some answers.

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