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Canada's oilpatch is flush with cash — so what are they going to do with it?

The Canadian oilpatch is relishing in its most lucrative year ever with hefty prices for both oil and natural gas.

QAnon-inspired protest in Peterborough, Ont., prompts investigation

Ontario's civilian police watchdog is investigating an arrest in Peterborough, Ont., on Saturday that resulted in serious injuries during a QAnon-inspired protest, in what has become another example of far-right conspiracy theories having real-life consequences in Canada.

Ontario to fund more private clinic surgeries, send patients to temporary LTCs to ease health-care pressures

Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones's plan to stabilize the health-care system includes increasing surgeries performed at private clinics but covered by OHIP, covering the exam and registration fees for internationally trained nurses, and sending patients waiting for a long-term care bed to a home not of their choosing.

How an aging fleet of Canadairs is keeping Europe's wildfires at bay

Amid expanding wildfire seasons made worse by climate change, countries like France are lining up to replace their aging water-bomber fleets after Canadair manufacturer De Havilland announced it would restart production with an updated design. 

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