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Parents condemn B.C. psychologist's choice to retire rather than face hearing for role in custody cases

Dr. Allan Posthuma was an expert witnesses in child custody cases for decades. But his work has recently been the subject of five investigations by B.C.'s College of Psychologists that alleged some major flaws. Yet parents who were affected seem to have no recourse in court.

Is Justin Trudeau not still prime minister? Your Week 1 election questions

Answers to some of your most common — and most interesting — questions during Week 1 of the federal election campaign.

Facebook advertisers can write own headlines for shared news stories

Advertisers are able to write their own copy, when sharing a link as an advertisement on Facebook, potentially opening the door for misleading ads to spread.

Italy changes course on immigration with new minister Luciana Lamorgese

Italy’s newly formed ruling coalition of the populist Five Star movement and left-leaning Democratic Party has decided to once again allow humanitarian rescue ships to dock here after more than a year of blocking ships under Matteo Salvini, the former minister of the interior.

CBC's chat bot helps you spot 'fake news' — and avoid spreading it

CBC has created a chat bot tool for Facebook Messenger to help you spot disinformation and decide what news sources you can trust throughout the campaign.

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