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Embattled doctor steps down after allowing sex offender to mentor survivors at military trauma retreat

Dr. Manuela Joannou is stepping down from her role as the medical director of a trauma program for veterans and first responders in eastern Ontario amid public anger over her decision to place a registered sex offender as a peer mentor for a group of sexual assault survivors. 
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Why Canada could soon turn the corner in the pandemic — even if it doesn't feel like it yet

Vaccines are now rolling out across Canada at a rapid pace as supply has finally begun to catch up with demand. While we're still far from returning to normal life, Canadians are more and more protected from the worst of COVID-19 with each passing day.

Vancouver police, mayor apologize for wrongly handcuffing and detaining retired Black judge

Vancouver police have apologized after officers wrongly detained and handcuffed an 81-year-old retired Black judge during his morning walk on the seawall while searching for a suspect described as dark-skinned and decades younger.

Popularity crumbles for Indian PM Modi as devastating COVID-19 surge continues

A leader whose popularity has seemed virtually unassailable is now dealing with deep anger over his COVID-19 response, with scenes of the country's health system failing, crematoriums overwhelmed, and Indians pleading for basic medical supplies.

Calgary mayoral candidate who threatened health workers arrested after attending illegal gathering

Kevin J. Johnston, a Calgary mayoral candidate who has threatened to arm himself and go to the homes of health workers, has been arrested after attending an illegal public gathering on Saturday.

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