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CRA deploys new weapons against tax evasion: Freezing assets, seizing property

The Canada Revenue Agency is using a new tool in its battle against tax evasion — one that experts say could radically change the way it pursues tax cheats.

Theresa May to address Parliament as reports indicate Brexit vote could be delayed

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to address Parliament this afternoon, with media reports indicating the parliamentary vote set for Tuesday on her Brexit deal could be pulled after repeated warnings from lawmakers that the scale of the expected defeat could sink her government.

Top House Democrats raise prospect of impeachment and jail time for Trump

Senior House Democrats in the House of Representatives have raised the prospect of impeachment or prison time for U.S. President Donald Trump if it's proved that he directed illegal hush-money payments to women, adding to the legal pressure on the U.S. president over the Russia investigation and other scandals.

China pressures U.S., Canada ahead of hearing for Huawei exec

China raised the pressure on the United States and Canada as a bail hearing for a top Chinese technology executive was set to resume today in Vancouver.

Air Canada accused of 'lying' to customers to avoid paying up to $2,100 for lost luggage

A B.C. man whose Florida vacation was ruined after Air Canada lost his luggage, says agents never told him he could claim up to $2,100 for necessities while away. An airline passenger rights advocate says Air Canada is ‘lying’ to passengers to avoid paying compensation that is rightfully owed.

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