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Andrew Scheer promises to review mortgage 'stress test', allow for longer mortgages

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising that, if he's elected, he'll review the so-called "stress test" to help first-time homebuyers get approved for mortgages and allow people to take out longer mortgages for lower monthly payments.

Banks tell dozens of customers they're to blame for thousands of dollars lost to e-transfer fraudsters

A Manitoba man says marketing that claims people are protected when they e-transfer money is misleading, after fraudsters stole $3,000 and TD Bank said he was to blame. Rene Trudeau is one of dozens of people who contacted Go Public about frustrating e-transfer battles with their banks.

Liberals promise improved access to family doctors, mental health care and prescription drugs

The Liberals are promising to ensure all Canadians have access to a family doctor, mental health services and prescription drugs, but have released few details about how a re-elected Liberal government would implement a national pharmacare program or how much it would cost.

Where the party leaders are on Day 13 of the federal election campaign

Here's what you need to know about where the leaders of Canada's political parties are on Day 13 of the election campaign.

Soaring rents and house prices in Canadian cities make housing a key election issue

Cost of living is a big election issue according to a CBC News-commissioned poll, and housing is the biggest single expense for most Canadians. As the campaign has unfolded, the federal parties have begun to unveil plans on how they'd make life more affordable for voters.

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