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Conservatives divided on what to do about Erin O'Toole after election loss

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole failed to unseat his Liberal opponent in this pandemic election — a result that has frustrated party members who were eager to put Justin Trudeau out of a job. But some party members seem to be more forgiving of O'Toole at this early stage of the election post-mortem process.

Quebec to offer nurses bonuses of up to $18K to end staffing crisis

The Quebec government has announced it will provide nurses with financial bonuses of up to $18,000 as part of its emergency plan to fix the staffing crisis in the province's health-care network.

Divorced Sask. parents fight in court over COVID-19 vaccination for teen daughter

The father in the case says his ongoing efforts to get his daughter vaccinated, against the wishes of his parents and ex-wife, have felt like the "summer from hell." The mother is appealing the decision, according to her law firm.

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Twitter restricted Bernier's account for 12 hours after he urged followers to 'play dirty' with journalists

Twitter restricted People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier's account, preventing him from posting any new messages for 12 hours after he used the platform to encourage his supporters to "play dirty" with journalists covering his campaign.

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