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'A public relations nightmare': Ticketmaster recruits pros for secret scalper program

Read about what CBC News and the Toronto Star discovered after sending a pair of reporters undercover to a ticket industry convention in Las Vegas that brings together box-office giants and the world's top scalpers in the same room.

With Congressional deadline looming, Freeland pushes back against calls for swift NAFTA deal

With a U.S. Congressional deadline looming to wrap up NAFTA negotiations, Foreign Affairs Minister Chyrstia Freeland told reporters in Washington today that the only timeline she's working to is the one that will end up delivering the deal Canada wants.

Researchers discover planet Vulcan from Star Trek — sort of

Researchers have discovered a planet orbiting a star just 16 light-years away, the very star that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry said his fictional planet orbited.

U.S. Senate committee renews effort to have Christine Blasey Ford testify

As U.S. President Donald Trump stepped up his defence of Brett Kavanaugh, his nominee for the Supreme Court, on Wednesday the Senate judiciary committee renewed its request to have the woman who accused Kavanaugh's of sexual assault speak to his panel.

Magazine editor out amid furor over Jian Ghomeshi essay

An editor at the New York Review of Books has parted ways with the prestigious literary publication amid controversy over his decision to publish a personal essay by disgraced former radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

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