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Alberta health-care system 'collapsing,' unions say in letter asking for military's help

Union leaders representing thousands of medical workers in Alberta have asked Premier Jason Kenney to deploy the military and Red Cross to shore up a health-care system they say is "collapsing right in front of our eyes," due to rapidly rising COVID-19 cases.

He survived a heart attack but still can't get a family doctor. Neither can millions of Canadians

Ronald Hayden had a heart attack last month, but like many Canadians, he doesn't have a family doctor for followup care. The shortage of primary care is putting other aspects of health care, such as emergency rooms, under pressure, say advocates.

First Nations leaders say next government must consider on-reserve housing for '7 generations down the line'

While housing availability and affordability have been key issues in this federal election campaign, there are concerns that what's happening on First Nations reserves in Canada has largely been overlooked.

'Waning immunity' term can lead to false understanding of COVID-19 vaccines, experts say

Some experts say use of the term "waning immunity" to justify whether a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine booster is needed can give people a false understanding of how the immune system works.

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