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Pot dispensaries face conundrum — shut down now, or be blacklisted when it's legal

Marijuana entrepreneurs who've been selling the drug for years see a conundrum as legalization draws near — close up shop now and leave their customers in a lurch or stay open and face blacklisting once governments open the floodgates.

Theresa May puts on defiant face despite blistering media reaction over EU rejection

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday the European Union must come up with an alternative to her Brexit proposals, noting that talks had reached an impasse after bloc leaders had rejected her plans without explaining why.

60,000 Canadians have complained about the CRA phone scam — but Indian police say Canada isn't asking for help

You've probably got the call: An automated message threatens you with arrest over unpaid taxes owed to Canada Revenue Agency. They may demand as little as $700 — though some have handed over more than $100,000.

Ottawa gives pipeline regulator 22 weeks to review Trans Mountain expansion project

The Liberal government is instructing the federal pipeline regulator to review the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to consider the project's impact on the marine environment.

Wealthy would-be immigrants told to lie about their assets, intentions — even their identity

Rich foreigners seeking Canadian residency through a controversial Quebec program are advised to hide questionable assets, lie about their intention to settle in the province and even adopt a new identity, in a hidden-camera investigation by Radio-Canada.

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