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Salaries of Provincial Employees earning more than $100,000

Posted: Feb 8, 2013

The New Brunswick government releases a document each year showing the pay ranges for all of its employees earning more than $60,000. The data is compiled in the annual report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and is commonly known as the Blue Book. CBC News has compiled data of 1,664 employees in 43 departments, Crown corporations and agencies who earn more than $100,000.

The grid shows blocks representing individual civil servants who earn more than $100,000. The numbers on the left of the grid show the salary ranges and the dropdown on the right shows the different colours representing the government departments.

Move your mouse over a square to view the employee, the salary range and the department. To view all employees of a single department, click a square to select all employees from that department or choose a department from the dropdown on the right side of the grid.

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Salaries of Provincial Employees of more than $100,000

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