NB Municipal Elections 2012

Understanding your property tax bill

Every spring New Brunswick homeowners open up their mailbox to find their property tax bill. But how do municipal politicians spend their money? This interactive chart helps illustrate how a homeowner’s tax bill is spent each year on different public services.

Enter in your property tax assessment into the field and select your community. You will see a pie chart that illustrates how much money you pay for a list of local services. This tool is designed to give an illustration of how your tax dollars are spent. The data comes from the 2011 Municipal Statistics guide produced by the Department of Environment and Local Government. The tax rates used are the average tax rate by each municipality. And the expenditure figures are based on figures collected by the provincial government.

Posted: April 25, 2012

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  • Election 2012
  • Total candidates in all municipal, Regional Health Authority and District Education Council elections: 1,268
  • Total male candidates: 905 (71.7%)
  • Total female candidates: 360 (28.5%)
  • Municipal races
  • Total candidates for the municipal elections: 1,068
  • Total male candidates: 777 (72.7%)
  • Total female candidate: 291 (27.2%)
  • Total male candidates for mayor: 150 (79.7%)
  • Total female candidates for mayor: 38 (20.2%)
  • Total male candidates for council positions: 627 (71.2%)
  • Total female candidates for council positions: 253 (28.6%)
  • District Education Council races
  • Total candidates for District Education Council positions: 113
  • Total male candidates: 73 (64.6%)
  • Total female candidates: 40 (35.3%)
  • Regional Health Authority races
  • Total candidates for Regional Health Authority positions: 78
  • Total male candidates: 51 (65.3%)
  • Total female candidates: 27 (34.6%)