Nov. 5: The Downward Spiral Edition

November 5, 2012 1:45 PM

Dan and Jacques discuss gloomy unemployment and deficit figures for New Brunswick, the first week on the job for the new Liberal leader, and the new information about the Atcon deal.
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The economy dominated the first topic of the podcast.
Here are some helpful links:
New Brunswick's deficit nearly doubles to $356M
Higgs calls ballooning budget deficit a 'wake-up call'
Liberals say corporate tax hikes should be considered
First quarter financial report was withheld, Higgs says
Here is an interactive chart that shows historic debt and deficit trends
Here is an interactive chart that shows unemployment trends since 1996
The chart I mentioned on job losses since the economic downturn is found in Chart 6.

The second topic examined Liberal Leader Brian Gallant's first week.
L'Acadie Nouvelle has a paywall around the Liberal Party office layoffs, so we can't link to that story.
Tories to step aside for Gallant if byelection
An interactive chart showing Gallant's victory

Our final topic revolved around Atcon's $50-million in loan guarantees.
Civil servants advised against Atcon loan guarantees

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