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Spin Reduxit is back! Thanks for sticking with us over the last few months. You can now listen to the The New Brunswickers Don't Throw Out One-Term Governments Unless They Do Edition. Click here.

Dan McHardie and Jacques Poitras catch up on all the political news, including MLA pensions, teacher pensions, the sale of the government plane, the forestry announcement and the polling trends six months out from the election.

Dan and Jacques discuss the Trudeau pipeline tempest, the flood of legislation with just weeks to go before the summer break, and the latest round of Ted Flemming vs the Medical Society.

Listen to the The Setting Trudeau Straight Edition

Jacques and Dan discuss the obstruction charge fall-out for Minister Mike Olscamp, the battle between the Medical Society and Ted Flemming, and the EI spat between Bernard Valcourt and David Alward.

The Fully, Completely, Official, Formal, Without Conditions Edition

Dan and Jacques ponder pension reform and the Kent by-election results.

Listen to The You Screwed This Up So Badly Edition

Dan and Jacques belatedly look at the budget tax hikes, as well as Ted Flemming's battle with the Medical Society and the latest conflict-of-interest twist in the Kent by-election.

Listen to The "Cyprus is Lovely This Time of Year" Edition

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