The secrets of aging well and enjoying your senior years

Some senior citizens share their best tips about aging and what they love about getting old.

Aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.

Take it from Lola Holmes, a 101-year-old who’s still an avid curler out on the ice. Her advice on aging well? “Eat well, sleep well, and be active,” she says. “There’s no point in being a couch potato!”

WATCH: Some seniors share their favourite parts of growing old.

In Aging Well Suzuki Style, a documentary from The Nature of Things, we follow 83-year-old David Suzuki as he runs a gauntlet of tests to determine how well he’s aging, and what he’s been doing to enjoy his senior years. 

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So we spoke to other elders who are taking advantage of their golden years and who are enjoying every bit of it. Looking back, they also have some advice for their younger selves that we could all benefit from.

WATCH: Elders share the advice they would give their younger selves.

Watch Aging Well Suzuki Style on The Nature of Things.

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Aging Well Suzuki Style

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