There are several youngsters at Chimp Haven. Some of them were born in laboratories and arrived at the sanctuary when biomedical labs decided they didn’t need or want them. But a few have been born at Chimp Haven. One male adult in particular, Conan, was particularly fecund, despite having had repeated vasectomies.

Chimp Haven is not the only sanctuary to have "oops" babies. Sanctuary vet staff say that a possible reason for the unintended births is that chimps might be good healers. The re-growth rate, even after Chimp Haven implemented a seemingly improved vasectomy procedure, is still 85%. So, females at Chimp Haven are on birth control as a precaution. It’s not always fool-proof either, and requires each female chimp to consume a pill (hidden in fruit), and that can’t always be confirmed.

The young chimps are unbelievably cute and watching them climb, play with others, and spend time with their mothers (or surrogate mothers in some cases), is a delight for anyone who gets to witness it.

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