More Trickery From The Magicians Featured in The Science of Magic

Julie Eng, Billy Kidd, Tony Barnhart and Tom Stone all perform some of their showstopping tricks for our cameras.

Nature of Things doc The Science of Magic explores how magic is a unique tool for gaining new insights into human cognition, neurobiology, and behaviour. It features some of the best magicians from around the world — some of whom are also now scientists.  Watch them perform some of their best tricks on camera.

Julie Eng


Julie Eng is a Canadian magician who grew up with magic in her blood — her father had a magic shop in Victoria, BC. She's also the executive director of Magicana, an arts organization dedicated to the study of magic as a performing art. Here she uses a coin and a handkerchief to prove that you can't always believe your eyes.  Can you spot her secrets?

Billy Kidd


Billy Kidd is an Edmonton-born illusionist who currently lives in the U.K.  Although she excels at many kinds of magic, she loves working the crowd on the street. Here she works her magic with three tiny beans.

Tony Barnhart


Anthony, also known as 'Magic Tony' is an assistant professor at Carthage College in Wisconsin. He's also a part-time professional magician with over 20 years of experience. In 2010, he was inspired to shift the focus of his research to study the interface of science and magic, combining his two passions.  Watch him wow his students with a handkerchief, a glass and some cards.

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Tom Stone


Tom Stone is a Swedish magician and author.  Here he demonstrates some card magic to Professor Ronald Rensink and his lab manager Sogal. 

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