Skalholt map

This is the Skálholt map. Around 1590, a young teacher from Skálholt marked the sites of ancient Norse discoveries on a map. It mixes real, fictorial and rumoured geography. A copy of this map now exists in the Danish Royal Library.

It's interesting that the Vikings considered Greenland (Gronlandia) a huge peninsula of the northern mainland that continued all the way to North America.

'Winelandia' marks the northern tip of Newfoundland. 'Skraelingeland' (land of the savages, called Skraelings) is Labrador, 'Helluland' (land of flat stones) is Baffin Island and 'Markland'(forest land) is part of the Labrador coast. For reference, 'Norvegia' is Norway while Britian and Ireland are depicted in the lower right.

This map actually led scientists to excavate the first site of Norse activity in North America, at L'Anse-aux-Meadowns in Newfoundland.

Map courtesy of the Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

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