Can NHL All-Star Shea Weber beat the fastest slap-shot speed record of 118.3 MPH achieved by famed hockey legend Bobby Hull in the 1960s? 

So far Weber's fastest slap shot is an impressive 108.5 MPH, but much slower than Hell's reported speed. Was there something about Hull's technique or equipment that made him superior?

In the past 50 years, the basic slap shot hasn't changed. Weber uses a carbon composite stick that's about eight inches longer than the standard retail stick to compensate for his height. His stick has been engineered to store more than hundred and eighty kilograms of force before it breaks — almost twice as stiff as the average hockey player would use.

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The wooden model used by Hull stories less than half that energy — although that didn't stop Hull from making rock hard shots. Hull's stick had a distinct curve because he would bend the blade to improve the accuracy of his shot.

To try to beat Hull's blistering record, Weber uses a replica of Hull's wooden stick.  Was he successful? Watch the video above.

For more Champions vs Legends, watch the full doc online.

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