features Meet the new hosts of The Nature of Things: Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Anthony Morgan The pair say finding out they'd be helming the groundbreaking series was ‘a huge, huge shock’ and ‘the most surreal thing in the world.’ More »
features David Suzuki prepares to bid farewell to The Nature of Things: a letter to viewers ‘I leave with gratitude and confidence that another generation will continue to explore important and exciting stories' More »
features This will be David Suzuki’s last season of The Nature of Things After 43 years as host, Suzuki will retire in 2023. 'I am so grateful to Canadians who have kept us on air, and to the CBC for sticking with me.’ More »
features David Suzuki announces retirement from The Nature of Things, says he’s ready to focus more on environmentalism Over his storied career as a science communicator and environmentalist, Suzuki has earned a reputation for many things, but being mild-mannered is not one of them. As he prepares for his next chapter, the 86-year-old said now more than ever, it's his responsibility to call it like it is. More »
features Playing in tune: we might share more musical stylings with animals than we think Could shared musical traits exist between humans and non-human animals? More »
features This Canadian teenager believed he found a lost Maya city when he was 14 years old. How did he do it? With a passion for Maya astronomy, access to Google Earth and a pile of transparency sheets, William Gadoury developed a theory that the Maya built their cities based on constellations in the sky More »
features Unlocking the secrets of the Maya: technology reveals new discoveries about this ancient civilization With each groundbreaking discovery, scientists are literally rewriting Maya history More »
features A not-at-all exhaustive list of how (and how much) animals sleep Koalas sleep for up to 22 hours a day. Horses sleep for as few as 3 hours. Worker ants take up to 250 naps More »
features Cats or dogs: Who’s a better bedmate? There's a clear winner, but science suggests both may be disturbing your sleep More »
features Carbon is not our enemy. We need to understand it to protect our future Carbon: The Unauthorized Biography tells the story of our world, and our present moment, through the eyes of this core element More »
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