features Canada’s ‘goldilocks lizard’ spends her day finding just the right temperature Video Greater short horned lizards rely on their environment to regulate their body heat More »
features Huge swarms of mayflies emerge for a single day, just to go out with a bang Video Each summer, mayflies emerge as adults for one final act of love before dying More »
features Snapping turtles rely on the sun to determine the sex of next generation Video Whether the eggs develop into males or females depends on how warm they are in the nest. More »
features 24-hour sunlight in the high Arctic grows the biggest vegetables Video Community greenhouses in Inuvik, N.W.T., allow residents to grow fresh food above the Arctic Circle. More »
Point of View Sea ice is an endangered ‘species,’ declining rapidly in Canada’s North Underwater explorer Jill Heinerth witnesses rapid melting due to climate change More »
features ‘Cleopatra outsmarted everyone,’ says archeologist who has devoted her life to finding the ancient queen Kathleen Martinez tells us of her search for Cleopatra and why her legacy is still important today More »
features Every day on earth the world’s plants grow 300 million tonnes, the same as an oak tree 3.5 km high And more astonishing facts about how the Earth changes in 24 hours. More »
features Victoria photographer spends years documenting the life of a lone wolf off Vancouver Island “I've just fallen in love with who he is, what his qualities are and how he lives his life out there.” More »
List Ferrets, foxes and the fringed orchid: Species that suffer when grasslands are threatened More than 70% of Canada’s prairie grassland has been converted for farming and other uses, endangering 60 species at risk More »
Update Conservationist mourns Victoria’s famed lonesome wolf, Takaya After more than 7 years living alone off the coast of the city, Takaya has been found dead on Vancouver Island More »
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