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Filmmaker Leora Eisen’s mother didn’t find out she was having twins until her eighth month of pregnancy. When the doctor listened to her stomach, he could only hear one heartbeat.  It seems Leora and her identical twin were perfectly in sync, even then. “From the moment we were born, my sister was my soulmate,” says Leora.

The similarities between them were uncanny - speaking their own secret language, losing their first teeth on the same day, even making the same silly mistake on a math test. They both became journalists, had two children each within months of each other, and lived a street apart. Their bond was unbreakable.

But a few years ago, a doctor informed them of a heart-wrenching difference:  Linda was diagnosed with leukemia.  Leora was mystified. How could they be identical twins – nature’s clones, with the exact same DNA - yet be in opposite health?

Linda Lewis (right) and Leora EisenLinda Lewis (left) and Leora Eisen

In “Two of a Kind”, Leora searches for answers, meeting researchers and identical twins from Montreal to Melbourne. Along the way, she discovers a radical new concept: the differences between identical twins, rather than the similarities, are now causing scientists to rethink genetics and the old nature vs. nurture debate.

Notes twins researcher Dr. Tim Spector: “Twins are the only unique, natural experiment we have in humans.” By studying identical twins, scientists are learning how our genes interact with our life experiences to shape who we are - our personalities, our health, even our destiny. This new focus on twin differences is leading to exciting discoveries that could help solve medical mysteries from obesity to cancer.

Through her unique lens as a twin documentary director, Leora takes viewers inside the fascinating world of identical twins – an exclusive world that most people love to stare at, but rarely understand. From a “Just for Laughs” parade in Montreal, to a hospital room in Toronto, from a research lab in London, to a Cirque du Soleil stage in Las Vegas, Leora shares her personal perspective as she encounters other identical pairs around the world.

Two of a Kind was directed by Leora Eisen and produced by Gord Henderson for 90th Parallel Productions. Follow the film on facebook and twitter.

Credits (Click to expand)

produced, directed and written by
Leora Eisen

executive producer
Gordon Henderson
Geoff Matheson

production manager                  
Susanne Cuffe
Richard Hughes
Jeff Cole
Michael Grippo Csc
Brian Marleau
Rénald Bellemare
Dominic Farrell
Nigel Kinnings
Jake Zortman

sound recordists
Daniel Ferland
Dave Gaffney
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Alain Letourneau
Peter Sawade
Darren Shine
Ken Pries
original music
Bruce Fowler

associate producer
Rita Kotzia
Leora Eisen
Rita Kotzia
Eleisha Mcneill

additional field production
Rita Kotzia
Stephen Lennhoff

additional editors
Michael Hannan
Bruce Lapointe
Jane Macrae

visual researcher
Tanya Fleet
audio mix
Mike Duncan

additional audio mix
Shane Duncan

online editor/colourist
Dan Johnston

Mark Alberts

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special thanks
Susan Baker
Cirque Du Soleil
Jeff Cole
Créations Médandres, Inc
Just For Laughs Festival
King’s College London
Murdoch Childrens Research Inst.
Ray And Rosalind Knight
Nick Littlemore
Kirk And Allyson MacLeod
Madeline Millman
Princess Margaret Hospital
Mike And Lynette Shaw
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
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Judy Wolfe


produced with the participation of

Canadian Media Fund
rogers Cable Network Fund
Rogers Documentary Fund

produced in association with

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

senior producer
F.M. Morrison

executive producer
Sue Dando

produced in association with
documentary CHANNEL

produced by
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