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As the first animal to be domesticated, pigeons have a story to tell. A drama filled, steeped-in-history, amazing story. Although they’ve faded into the background of city life, pigeons have made an incredible contribution to human history. For centuries, we relied on them for everything from food, to vital communications, to entertainment to modern day brain science. They deserve more respect!  

Pigeons just as they are released for a race from a city squarePigeons just as they are released for a race from a city square

The ones you see on city streets today are the descendants of domestic birds. Their gritty urban lives are spent trying to evade all manner of perils…and… stay one step ahead of starvation, a constant threat. To survive where they’re not wanted, pigeons rely on a combination of charity from a few and their own incredible smarts….

In a series of fascinating experiments and carefully placed cameras, we take you inside their perilous world; in the air, on the street and in the nest. One of the first things to notice is just how incredibly smart they are. We’ll demonstrate how pigeons can spot and remember faces, how they distribute themselves around the city so that each bird gets the same amount of food, how they manage to deftly avoid all manner of threats from hungry hawks to speeding cars….and also, how they’ve learned to navigate over great distances from places they’ve never been; one of the great mysteries of science. 

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By placing the first ever HD camera onboard a pigeon, you’ll get an incredible, genuine bird’s eye view. We look in on the fascinating subculture of pigeon racing – a favourite pastime for royals, celebrities and working people all over the world. And we’ll enter the realm of the pigeon fancier, the breeders that create exotic and bizarre new strands in a tradition with roots in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.   

Despite their incredible gifts and their contribution to human history, pigeons that live in the city today are looked at primarily as a dirty nuisance. ‘Rats with wings’ as Woody Allen dubbed them. The Secret Life of Pigeons intends to set the record straight, casting these humble but amazing creatures in a whole new and beautiful light.

The Secret Life of Pigeons is directed, written and produced by Scott Harper and his company Sunday Night Entertainment and executive produced by Bob Culbert. It is produced in association with CBC, with assistance from  Canada Media Fund.

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written, produced and directed by
Scott Harper

executive producer
Robert Culbert


director of photography
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Michelle Ferrari 

based on an idea by
Maeve Powis

special thanks

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and to

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