The Science of Success

Success has little to do with performance, winners and losers are chosen by society. Now, scientists have discovered the secret to predicting success.
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The Science of Success

Nature of Things

We like to believe that talent and hard work are the keys to professional success. But recent studies tell us that these qualities only determine our performance — success is something different.

Scientists believe that success is a social phenomenon. The Science of Success, a documentary from The Nature of Things, unravels the secrets of success, shows a new understanding of how society chooses winners and losers, and offers insights into how to be successful.

Using the incredible amount of data that we all leave behind — our digital fingerprints and online behaviour, scientists came up with something incredible: a mathematical formula that predicts success.

Their discoveries will have profound implications for society as a whole. The outcomes of elections, the products we buy, the choices we make — all determined by hidden principles.

And success can be ruled by surprising factors that are largely out of an individual’s control; like the moment of a person’s birth, the place they’re in, or the people they meet.

As hard as it might be to believe today, the Mona Lisa — the most valuable painting in the world — became famous by accident. Barely known for 400 years, the painting’s fame was sparked after it was stolen at the beginning of the 20th century.

In The Science Of Success, leading experts explore how the world’s most famous celebrities, athletes, businesses and paintings became “successful” and offer the promise of a level playing field — where hard work and talent could finally rise to the top.