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Searching underwater in Panama

What do sloths, alligators and Komodo dragons have to do with antibiotics?  The Antibiotic Hunters follows drug researchers as they become jungle hunters, deep-sea divers, and cave explorers — all in an urgent search for the building blocks of new antibiotics. 

Many of our current antibacterial drugs have lost their effectiveness due to overuse, so now scientists have to hunt in remote and unexplored places for new bacteria with unique toxins that could be lethal to human germs.

Listen to an interview with director Bruce Mohun online.

Without new antibiotics, experts are predicting a “post-antibiotic era”, in which the simplest of infections could turn deadly because they’re impossible to treat.  Already, up to 12,000 Canadians are dying each year from antibiotic-resistant infections.

It’s been called the most pressing global health problem of our time.  And now, the solution could lie in the slimy fur of jungle sloths or the saliva of Komodo dragons.

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The Antibiotic Hunters

directed by
Bruce Mohun

produced by
Sue Ridout
written by
Bruce Mohun
Helen Slinger

Tim Wanlin

director of photography
John Collins
additional camera
Andrew Mitchell
Steve Taylor
Mike LaBella

music composer
Graeme Coleman

graphic design & animation
Erwin Chiong
sound design
Ewan Deane

location sound
Patrick Brereton
additional sound & lighting
Matthew Kiediasch
Jeff Henschel
Perry Miotto
Nick Greiner

production manager
Alison Hill
location services, Panama
Leslie Tong
Marcial Lau

Bruce Mohun

story producers
Sara Darling
Shannon Lowry
online editor & colourist
Allan Pinvidic

post-production supervisor
Alison Hill

publicity and outreach
Jeremy Katz
Dan Haves
bacteria images and animation
Garnet Martens
Derrick Horne

archival images
BBC Broadcast Archive / Getty Images
3D4Medical.com / Getty Images
Hybrid Medical Animation
The WPA Film Library
ePMV Embeds Molecular Modelling
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produced with the participation of the

produced with the participation of
Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC

The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program


produced in association with
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

senior producer
FM Morrison

executive producer
Sue Dando

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Adam Champ

associate director
Renée Moreau

unit production manager
June Hall
senior manager
Documentary Unit
Wilma Alexander

senior producers
FM Morrison
Caroline Underwood
for the nature of things

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Sue Dando

executive director
Documentary Programming
Mark Starowicz
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