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Stonehenge as it might have looked thousands of years ago

With exclusive access to the work of the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project, the most extensive archaeological study ever made of the wider area around Britain's famous monument, STONEHENGE UNCOVERED reveals fascinating new information about the surprisingly advanced and sophisticated civilization that built the Stone Circle.

Stonehenge is an icon of prehistoric Britain, an enigma that has seduced archaeologists and tourists for centuries. Why is it here? What is its significance? And which forces inspired its creators? For the last four years, an international team has surveyed and mapped every monument, both visible and invisible, across 10 square kilometres of the sacred landscape to create a complete digital picture of Stonehenge and the surrounding area through time. Known monuments have yielded more data than ever before, revealing hidden structures within; and new finds are revolutionising the history of Stonehenge.

Prehistoric rituals at Stonehenge. Watch how these scenes were created.

STONEHENGE UNCOVERED  takes the viewer on a prehistoric journey from 8000 BCE to 2500 BCE. Evidence of war,  burial rituals, and human sacrifice tell one story; advanced mining, engineering, and craftsmanship another. Together they reveal a complex civilization influenced by international trade and ideas.

Using ground-penetrating radar and other high-tech scanning equipment, the Hidden Landscapes team has found new monuments and other structures hidden beneath the World Heritage site that surrounds the Stone Circle.  With computer-generated imaging and dramatic reconstruction, STONEHENGE UNCOVERED illustrates for the first time the  people, monuments, tombs, and settlements that occupied this sacred landscape over four millennia ago - redefining Stonehenge for a new generation.

Read more about the Hidden Landscapes Project on CBC News

Produced by Lightship Entertainment, October Films, and Interspot Film in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Smithsonian Networks, France Télévisions, ORF, ZDF & SBS. 

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directed and produced by
Jeremy Turner    

executive producers
Adam Bullmore    
Terence McKeown   
Heinrich Mayer-Moroni    

David Suzuki     

Roman Kariolou    

director of photography
James Liston    

art director / VFX supervisor
Ian Kirby     

Jeanne Slater    
Matthew Pearson   
Tom Parsons    

Andrea Black – Shaman   
Jon Campling – Shaman   
Gerhard Hahn - Old Hunter   
James Kirkham – Boy Miner  
Lee Ravitz – Trepanning Victim  
Matthew Rook – Pit Boss  
Peter Revel Walsh – Elder  
Helen Watkinson – Miner  
Michael Kittenberger – Bluestone Leader
Erek Ortmann – Shaman   

casting director
Susanne Todter    

stunt co-ordinator
Roman Jankovic    

programme consultant
David Keys    

visual effects
The Sequence Group    
Jacob Owens - Motion Graphics Supervisor  
Daniel Sioui - Lead Producer  
Farhad Mohasseb - Lead Compositor  

motion graphics / VFX team
Aaron Hildebrandt     
Megumi Kanaza     
Jace Kim     
Ali Lupu     
Mark Stuckert      
Eric Wada     
Andrew West     
Christian Whiticar     
Elisa Wolfenden    

additional/specialist camera
Jonathan Jones    
Matt Broad    

aerial photography
Jim Swanson    

focus pullers
Christian Mitterbauer   
Chris Stephens    

camera assistants
Justin Hunt    
Matt Cardiff    
Josef Kernegger     

sound recordist
Tom Williams    
Matt Phillips    

set designers
Richard Touch    
Rainer Zottele    

art department
Wolfgang Tschofen   
Franz Gebetsberger   
Thomas Gamper   
Barbara Gamper   

production team
Sophie Brodl    
Hannah Curley    
Christopher Mondschein   
Simon Scorey    
Toryn Westcott     

Chris Oben    

online editor
Allan Pinvidic    

rerecording mixer
Ewan Deane    

Louisa Gilbert    
Emily Brewer     

production managers
Sascha Mann    
Hannah Beatty    
Lindsey Priestley    

assistant director
Nikolaus Sauer    

line producers
Kate Bullions    
Veronika Hraby    

accounting - Canada
Christina Lynch    
Alaena Allen     

legal - Canada
Diana Cafazzo
Lori Massini    

with thanks to
English Heritage
The National Trust, Stonehenge
The Salisbury Museum
Wiltshire Museum, Devizes
Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria
Centre Des Monuments Nationaux
Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne
Great Orme Mines
Wessex Archaeology
Wild Sprouts
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Chris Gaffney (University of Bradford)
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archive & stills:
English Heritage
produced in association with
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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FM Morrison

executive producer
Sue Dando

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