Searching for Cleopatra

Uncovering the truth about the richest and most powerful woman in world history
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Searching for Cleopatra

Nature of Things

Cleopatra has fascinated us for 2,000 years. The legendary last queen of Egypt was the wealthiest, most powerful woman in the world. Today, she remains one of the most famous women of history and a pop culture icon.

Yet, the real Cleopatra is shrouded in myth and misinformation. Powerful Roman men were the ones to record her story, their tales eventually making their way into the history books. The image of a scheming, sinister and seductive sex kitten has been immortalized by poets, painters and, of course, Hollywood.

In Searching for Cleopatra, a startling new documentary from The Nature of Things, we discover that most of what we know about the iconic woman is wrong.

She was a scholar and tactful politician who spoke 9 languages and ruled over a vast empire. Using archeological evidence and the latest technology, researchers unveil a stunning and surprising image of what Cleopatra actually looked like.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Cleopatra is where she was buried — her tomb has never been found. Join archeologist Kathleen Martinez on the hunt to discover the famous queen’s resting place, searching a massive dig site in the catacombs of an ancient temple outside Alexandria, the capital of Cleopatra’s empire.

When Martinez uncovers a carefully hidden tomb, our cameras are there when she opens it for the first time in over 2,000 years, revealing what lies inside.

Searching for Cleopatra shatters the stereotypes and strips away the myths to portray the real Queen of Egypt. A smart, shrewd ruler who used her wits and daring to keep her throne and her empire in a world ruled by powerful and ruthless men.