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Dr. Jennifer Gardy is back. The intrepid scientist and detective who put her body on the line in Myth or Science 1, 2 and 3 returns to continue her mission to put science claims to the test and discover – once and for all -- whether they’re myth or science.

Jennifer Gardy in planeJennifer Gardy takes to the skies to find out how heavy clouds are

This time Dr. Gardy’s journey will take her to an entirely new realm, one that is a national obsession in Canada – our weather.  It heads poll after poll as the number one topic of discussion amongst Canadians. There are only three networks in the world dedicated entirely to weather – two of them are in Canada.  Last year, Hurricane Sandy, the deadly storm that battered the eastern coasts of Canada and the US, was the second most Googled term in the country.

All of this is not surprising in a nation where temperatures vary wildly from minus 50C to 40C and “extreme” is a common way to describe what’s happening outside. For Canadians, weather is part of our DNA, part of what makes us who we are.

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“Talking about the weather is a classic Canadian pastime – everyone has their own take on weather folklore. There’s a tremendous amount of amazing science behind our weather, though, so I’m interested in looking at whether that science supports or debunks some of these commonly held beliefs”, says Gardy.

And like any obsession tackled by Dr. Gardy  — from dieting to beauty — weather spawns an extraordinary number of claims: 

  • A cricket's chirp can reveal the temperature.
  • Highway overpasses are safe shelters against a tornado.
  • Lightning can destroy a plane.
  • The safest place to hide during a thunderstorm is your home.

But are any of these true or just myths we’ve picked up at the water cooler? Once again, Dr. Gardy will find out.

Acting as a guinea pig, using real-life experiments with weather researchers, and traditional scientific investigation, Gardy will put these claims to the test.

Jennifer Gardy in wind tunnelJennifer Gardy inside a tornado vortex

But Dr. Gardy, a microbiologist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, will do more than that. In her search for answers she’ll uncover the fascinating science behind our weather, explain how weather dictates the behaviour of both animals and humans, and give us practical information that will help us deal with a phenomena that impacts every day of our lives.

“We travelled all over the world to find weather experts who could both share the science behind everything from raindrops to lightning and help us carry out some pretty cool experiments,” says Gardy. “It’s not every day you get to stand inside a tornado or stop a raindrop in its tracks!”

To an interview with Jennifer Gardy on CBC Hamilton.

From tornados to floods, from lightning storms to chirping crickets, Myth or Science: In the Eye of the Storm will take a journey into our national obsession to discover not only the truth about our weather, but also the extraordinary science that drives this fascinating phenomena.

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