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We’ve all heard people say, ‘It was beyond my control’ or ‘I couldn’t stop myself’. We like to think that we’re all ultimately in control of our actions. But how true is this really?

Dr. David EaglemanDr. Eagleman Photo: James Hiebert

Neuroscientists are generating ground breaking research that sheds light on why some people can’t stop themselves from committing harmful or criminal acts.  This is creating new challenges for the justice system and making us re-evaluate the way we sentence, punish, and rehabilitate people for criminal behaviour.  Featuring lead scientist, David Eagleman, Director of the Center for Science and Law, and author of international best-selling books, Incognito and The Brain, My Brain Made Me Do It challenges our most fundamental beliefs about crime, punishment, and free will.

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According to David Eagleman, “We are our biology… One of the most stunning things about what we're seeing in neuroscience is the degree to which who you are, and how you act, and your beliefs are all driven by mechanisms running under the hood to which you have no conscious access.”

SCENE FROM THE FILM: David Eaglemen looks at a new way of helping drug addicts.

My Brain Made Me Do It includes surprising stories of people whose behavior has radically changed when their biology has changed due to tumours, accidents, drugs, chemistry, and abuse. What causes a well-respected businessman to wake up one morning and go on a violent shooting rampage? A loving father to suddenly become a pedophile at fifty years of age? Or a cautious senior to transform into a compulsive gambler? Featuring an international cast of neuroscientists, the program explores the many ways our behavior can be influenced by our genes, environment, and elements beyond our control.

All of which leads to the essential question: When a brutal crime is committed who is ultimately to blame – the perpetrator or their brain?

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