Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater

Experience a calf’s first year of life as it grows up in Jasper National Park amid some of the most striking scenery on the planet.
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Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater

Nature of Things

Little 5 day-old calfWill this five-day-old calf survive the year?

High up in Canada’s Rockies, by a crystal-clear lake rimmed with old-growth forest, a moose is born.

At the best of times, the odds are stacked against this leggy 16-kilo calf surviving its first year, as normally less than 50 percent do, but now that number is sinking even lower.

Moose populations across many parts of North America are in steep decline and scientists believe one big reason is that fewer moose calves are surviving their first year.

If the population continues on this trajectory, scientists believe that moose could be gone from many parts of North America within the next 50 years. It has never been more important to understand what happens in the first year of a moose’s life.

Share this infographic from  and video story with your children to learn about the first year of life in a moose.

To an interview with director Susan Fleming.

This stunningly intimate nature documentary does just that by taking viewers deep inside the world of moose to experience a calf’s first year of life up close and personal, like it has never been seen before. Watch in awe as a young calf grows up right before your eyes in a land of snow-capped mountains, grizzly bears and wolves amid some of the most striking scenery on the planet.

A look at the beauty of Jasper National Park and why it's such a great habitat for moose.

Our film crews spent 13 months with a moose calf and its mother in the spectacular wilds of Jasper National Park to give viewers a ringside seat to witness a mother’s love and a calf’s everyday struggle for survival in the spectacular yet brutal landscape of the Canadian Rockies.

Produced by Twig Eaters Inc. in partnership with CBC The Nature of Things, PBS Nature and the BBC’s Natural World.


Here are a few tracks from the film composed by Geoff Bennett and Andre Hirtz and performed by Mary Margaret O'Hara.
All is Good in the World, FramedrumLike a River.