Last of the Right Whales

North Atlantic right whales are on the brink of extinction. Follow the fight to save them.
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Last of the Right Whales

Nature of Things

North Atlantic right whales are dying faster than they can reproduce.

With less than 350 left, these great whales rarely die of natural causes. Instead, they’re killed when they collide with boats or become entangled in fishing gear. If nothing changes, they could be extinct within 20 years.

Last of the Right Whales follows the whale migration from the only known calving grounds in the waters of the southeastern U.S. to the shifting feeding grounds around the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence and New England coast.

Meet the people committed to saving a species that is still struggling to recover from centuries of hunting, and who are trying to make room for the whales in our modern world.

Featuring breathtaking footage of the majestic, but rarely seen, North Atlantic right whale — seen through the eyes of scientists, photographers, rescuers and fishers — we bear witness to their struggle and bring hope for their survival.