Fox Tales

Bold and beautiful, the red fox can change its behaviour to make a home from deep in cities to far out on the Arctic tundra.
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Fox Tales

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Fox Tales uncovers new research that penetrates the secrecy of the first hours, days, and weeks of a red fox pup’s life. Rare, never-broadcast before footage captured on motion-sensitive, infrared cameras embedded in wild dens reveals tiny red fox pups nestling into their mother moments after birth but also something startling — baby brutes battling tooth and claw for dominance.

Red fox in the bushesA red fox pup at six weeks.

When our vulnerable pups take their first steps out of their natal den on to the awe-inspiring cliffs of Newfoundland our cameras are there capture them in all their wobbly-legged cuteness.  As the pups grow and develop in this spectacular landscape Fox Tales takes viewers to new locales to learn how red foxes are able to change their behaviour to make a home almost anywhere.

An Earth of Foxes

Red foxes are one of the most widespread and adaptable mammals on the planet. In the last century, they have moved into urban areas in Europe, Australia, the USA, Canada and Japan.

I would be very surprised if there were not red foxes in most, if not all North American cities. 
– Wildlife Specialist Dr. David Drake, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Join us as we follow scientists in Madison, Wisconsin and Bristol, England to track the stealthy encroachment of red foxes into cities. And tag along with Dr. James Roth as he studies how red foxes are moving out onto the Arctic tundra and the surprising way they are surviving in this harsh landscape.

Behind the Scenes: Filming a Family of Red Foxes
Foxes Create an Oasis For Other Creatures - Including Polar Bears - On the Arctic Tundra
rowing Up Red: the First Six Months in a Fox's Life

Intelligent, resourceful, intrepid — the red fox has made its home from the deepest wilderness into the heart of cities, from the Arctic tundra to the Australian bush. Their drive to expand their empire is matched only by human expansion and they’re moving into new environments at a rate that astounds even the scientists who have spent a lifetime studying them.

They’re a complex species … a fascinating species to study. You think you know it all and then you realize you know very little. 
– Biologist Dr. Stephen Harris, University of Bristol

As Fox Tales reveals red foxes are an impressive species that demands our respect and our attention wherever they are found.


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Fox Tales

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