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Photo: Gabriel Levesque
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The Birds do it. The bees do it. It seems we all do it. But we like to think we are different from other animals. So are we? DECODING DESIRE unravels the mysteries of sex and desire and explores how sexual diversity and the experience of pleasure itself may be the key to species survival.

Traditionally, the common assumption has been that men are sexually dominant with strong desires, while females are more interested in security and monogamy. But is this really true? Scientists are increasingly looking at animals to reveal more about our own sexual behaviour. Decoding Desire features leading scientists who examine weird and wonderful mating behaviours - from preening peacocks to promiscuous primates - revealing research that shatters old assumptions and alters our views about human sexuality.

Are men sexually dominant? <br />Photo: Gabriel LevesqueAre men sexually dominant?
Photo: Gabriel Levesque

So who is in control of the mating game? Is it males or females who do the choosing and why do we, and other animals, choose one partner over another? Is it all about finding the right evolutionary cues – square jaws, the right hip to waist ratio and the flashiest plumage? Or is it possible that attraction is a response we learn? 

Whether exploring the brain chemistry of love and monogamy, the decreasing differences between men and women or the surprising truth behind what turns us on and why, Decoding Desire will challenge everything you thought you knew about sex and desire and leave you looking at men, and women, in a whole new way.

Decoding Desire is directed by Ryszard Hunka and produced by Erna Buffie for Merit Motion Pictures in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Decoding Desire

written and directed by
Ryszard Hunka

produced by
Erna Buffie
Merit Jensen Carr

line producer / production manager
Sandra Moore

David McGunigal

Gabriel Levesque

original music
Shawn Pierce

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Diedra Renee Bayne

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Canadian Media Fund

produced with financial investment from
Manitoba Film and Music

shot in part on location in the Province of Manitoba, Canada

produced with the participation of the Government of Manitoba – Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit 
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Earth Touch

produced in association with
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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senior producer
FM Morrison

executive producer
Sue Dando

Decoding Desire

executive producer
Merit Jensen Carr

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