Curb Your Carbon

The easy and effective ways we can all fight climate change ... and turn down the heat.
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Curb Your Carbon

Nature of Things

Humour, crazy stunts and stunning animations: Curb Your Carbon reveals the simple and effective ways we can all help fight climate change in an easy-to-understand way. Oh, and it’s narrated by environmental activist and Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds.

“I want my kids to experience some of the things that I got to experience when I was kid,” says Reynolds, a father of three. “I was lucky enough to grow up in British Columbia. That’s an environmental playground — mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, skiing, ocean, you name it. So, I want my kids to have as much of that as possible.”

Curb Your Carbon travels the world to uncover the things we all can do right now to cut tonnes of CO2 from our lives: wasting less food, eating less meat, eating more bugs.

But instead of depressing us with the worst-case scenario (we’ve all seen that documentary … and the sequel), Reynolds shows us how we can make an impact, on an individual level, with a little help from:

A family of garbage stealing Ninjas

A bug exterminator who eats crickets, grasshoppers and scorpions

A class of students who cut C02 by fixing their Phones

A racing driver who never hits the gas

An activist who turns plastic waste into amazing art

Competing twins who race across a city from A to B to reduce C02

A group of tree-planting Moms in Kenya

A culinary double dare involving a New Zealand rugby team and a mob of methane-producing sheep

But Curb Your Carbon doesn’t stop there. It also uses extraordinary animations so those big climate change numbers make sense. Rather than talk about “a tonne of CO2” — which, let’s face it, means nothing when we’re talking about a gas you can’t see or touch — Curb Your Carbon shows us just how big that tonne of CO2 actually is.

“There’s a hunger for stories about our planet. But we’re all exhausted by climate change docs that overwhelm us,” says producer Dugald Maudsley. “So we’re using humour to empower people with a list of things that will have a real impact on climate change right now.”

Curb Your Carbon may be irreverent, but it also provides a clear blueprint for fighting climate change: by working together, we have the power to cut C02 emissions, give our beautiful planet a break and save ourselves in the process.

“I grew up watching David Suzuki and his show,” says Reynolds. “I’m honoured to be part of this documentary.”

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