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In a beehive, tens of thousands of tiny individuals work toward a common goal: the survival of the colony.

We see a beehive as a collective, even a super-organism. But each one is filled with thousands of small but bold, six-legged individuals. What if we looked at just one?  Scientists are learning that each bee in a hive is an individual with its own personality and this diversity allows the collective to respond and adapt quickly to their environment. 

A beehive depends on flowers – pollen and nectar are the colony’s source of food. But if the weather changes or if some flowers don’t bloom as early or as generously as the year before, bees need to adapt on the wing. They may need to fly further or even relocate the colony altogether, requiring quick thinking.

They dance and may even dream: Six things you may not know about honeybees
Telling a single bee's story in a creative new way

Although the queen is at the centre of any hive, a colony functions more like a democracy than a monarchy, and worker bees have a lot of say. They decide where to forage for food, where to start a new colony, and whether to raise a new queen. They even show the queen where to find a mate.

A Bee’s Diary portrays the life of one bee from birth to death, combining incredible footage with the latest science to capture the beauty of her world, the decisions she makes, and the drama that comes with being a bee.

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with David Suzuki

Directed by
Dennis Wells

Written by
Dennis Wells, Niobe Thompson

Dennis Wells, Niobe Thompson

Executive Producer
Bernd Wilting

Director of Photography
Brian McClatchy

Highspeed Camera
Rudi Diesel

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Anja Klisch
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Robin Steinhagen

Post Production Supervisor
Gero Hecker

Post Production Coordinator
Teresa Lang

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Florian Ebrecht

Music Composed and Conducted by:
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Orchestration and Associate Music Producer:
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Music Recording Engineer and Mixer:
James Clemens-Seely

Additional Orchestration:
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Phillip Tock
Issa Traoré
Kriss Veismanis
Joanna Worthington
Xintong Zang
Music Recorded at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Voiceover Talents
Yuma´s Voice:  Rhona Rees
Winnifred´s Voice: Nicole Oliver

CGI and Visual Effects
Greg Marshall

Post Production Producer
Ninette Botha
Swen Linde

DI Supervisor & Online Editor
Thomas Gieraths

Online Editing Assistant
Jannik Donker

VFX Artist
Min Tesch
Fabiana Cardalda

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Candice Kent

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Linda Callaghan

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Trevor Tang
Amanda Grabenstetter

Greg Marshall

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Scientific Advisors
Prof. Tugrul Giray University of Puerto Rico Natural Sciences Department of Biology
Dr. Mehmet Ali Doke, University of Puerto Rico Natural Sciences Department of Biology
Prof. Jürgen Tautz, Bienenforschung Würzburg e.V.

Friedrich Benzenhöfer
Markus Graf
Roland Sachs

Special Thanks to:
Aumühler Hof
Georg Kellner
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Österreichische Bundesforste AG

For the CBC
General Manager, Programming Sally Catto
Executive Director, Unscripted Content Jennifer Dettman
Senior Director, Documentary Sandra Kleinfeld
Senior Director of Production, Unscripted Content Alexandra Lane
Executive in Charge of Production Sue Dando

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