Available on CBC Gem Suzuki Signs Off For 44 years, David Suzuki has taken us around the world to explore science, technology and nature – and now for something completely different. More »
Available on CBC Gem Woodpeckers: The Hole Story Inside the secret and rhythmic world of one of nature’s best woodworkers More »
Available on CBC Gem The Secrets of Friendship Step into the world of “friendship detectives,” who are unravelling the mysteries of social behaviours in humans and other animals. More »
Available on CBC Gem War for the Woods Thirty years after historic logging protests on Vancouver Island, the battle to protect old growth forests is still raging More »
Available on CBC Gem Bug Sex Broken genitals and cannibalism. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of how bugs get busy More »
Available on CBC Gem Grizzly Rewild Orphaned grizzly bear cubs get a second chance at life in the wild, but can they survive without their mothers? A groundbreaking study follows them to find out More »
Available on CBC Gem True Survivors Humans have survived extreme environmental change in the past. Do we have what it takes to survive what’s next? More »
Available on CBC Gem Apocalypse Plan B Some scientists are proposing radical ways to cool our warming planet – but others say it’s time to restore nature on a global scale More »
Available on CBC Gem Walking with Ancients New archaeological discoveries are challenging our understanding of when the first people arrived in North America, rewriting the human story More »
Available on CBC Gem Secret Agents of the Underground Railroad How staff at a luxury hotel in Niagara Falls, NY helped ferry enslaved people to freedom More »
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