Friday January 29 Wild Canadian Weather — Wind The invisible element that shapes our lives; falcons, butterflies and spiders hitch a ride, while Canadians harness, and harvest, the wind More »
Friday January 22 Wild Canadian Weather — Rain Rain brings unexpected benefits for spadefoot toads, grizzlies, and whitewater kayakers — but too much can be deadly More »
Available on CBC Gem Wild Canadian Weather — Cold Canadians push the limits of cold endurance while baby harp seals brave icy water and flying squirrels cuddle. More »
Available on CBC Gem Searching for Cleopatra Uncovering the truth about the richest and most powerful woman in world history More »
Available on CBC Gem The Covid Cruise 3,711 passengers and crew. 14-day quarantine. 1 deadly infectious disease. Coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. More »
Available on CBC Gem Destination: Mars Scientists, dreamers and billionaires are rushing to put humans on the red planet. Not just in the future, but now. Will Mars be our new home? The journey has begun. More »
Available on CBC Gem Wild Australia: After the Fires Signs of life and hope emerge from the scorched landscapes of the worst wildlife disaster in modern history. More »
Available on CBC Gem Kids vs. Screens How screens affect our children's development, learning abilities and mental health. More »
Available on CBC Gem Rebellion Global temperatures are rising and so are we: millions of young people rise up to demand their right to a livable planet More »
Available on CBC Gem BE AFRAID: The Science of Fear There’s still so much we don’t know about fear. Could it be good for you? What would life be like without it? More »
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