Eight OMG Moments from The Nature of Things This Year
Eight OMG Moments from The Nature of Things This Year
Cameras capture the earliest days of adorable fox pups

Filming fox pups was no easy feat, especially when they are only days old and living underground. Our intrepid filmmakers managed to get a camera inside a fox den to record the first days of a red fox’s life. They start out cute, but soon begin to squabble — like siblings everywhere!

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A mischievous polar bear gets his close up

The Wild Canadian Year crew visited Churchill, Manitoba, during the autumn freeze-up. They set up a 360° camera to get an immersive look at the bears as they returned to the area to feed. But then a well known polar bear called ‘Bratatouille’ came to investigate and literally shook things up!

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Curiosity explores the red planet and sends incredible photos home

The Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars since it landed there in 2012. It's been sending back incredible images from 55 million kilometres away! Though Mars is so far from Earth, the pictures look eerily similar to home.

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Cameraman captures an epic lynx hunt on film

After following an elusive lynx through thick forest and deep snow in the Yukon for 76 days, our Wild Canadian Year cameraman finally got the shot he was looking for.  A lynx chased a snowshoe hare right in front of him — and the camera was rolling.

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Spider vs. centipede

Our homes are the scene of some epic battles — on a small scale.  Watch a life-or-death encounter between a house spider and centipede, and see how the centipede uses a surprising trick to escape the spider’s clutches.

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The social lives of sperm whales

The world’s biggest brain belongs to the massive sperm whale. New science says that this brain power comes in handy as they navigate complex social groups and keep track of who’s who in the sea. Researchers are just beginning to understand these whale conversations and are finding out that they even have their own ‘names’.

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Great horned owls are perfectly adapted hunters

The eyes and ears of the great horned owl make it an efficient hunter.  Watch as an owl stealthily catches his next meal in the darkness.

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Close call in Fort Mac

In 2016, a raging forest fire swept through Fort McMurray, Alberta, destroying nearly 2,500 homes and buildings. Dash cam footage shows some scary moments as citizens flee and help scientists understand wildfires spread to nearby communities.

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