Bringing up baby: Help for endangered species

From elephants to gorillas to leatherback turtles, big wildlife all over the planet is under threat. To keep these species from going extinct, several groups have stepped in to offer a helping hand.

While on patrol over poacher territory in Nairobi, pilot Nick Trent spots a baby elephant dangerously alone. A team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust races in to pick the baby up before it's too late.

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In Volancos National Park, a baby gorilla has been caught in a snare. Gorilla Doctors face down an angry mom and several silverbacks to free a piece of rope from the baby's hand.

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Leatherback turtles come to Matura beach in Trinidad every year to lay their eggs. Volunteers from Nature Seekers are there to make sure the turtles lay their eggs undisturbed. Months later, they return to see the little ones off.

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