Alberta filmmaker captures first HD images of the wolverine

Alberta wildlife videographer Andrew Manske spent three years -- often in extreme discomfort -- trying to capture the first high-definition video footage of the elusive North American wolverine in the wild.  He often spent 72 hour shifts trying to capture a wolverine, called Logan, in his element. He even bottled his own urine to eliminate the possibility of the animal picking up his scent.

One day the animal came bounding through the snow, stopped at the blind he was hiding in, and looked at Manske through the peephole. 

Wolverines are among the most vicious - and secretive - mammals living in Canada's northern boreal forests, which has the world's largest population. They require a huge range of up to 600 square kilometres. 

Listen to his story on The Current.

We'll be featuring some of his images on Wild Canada, coming to The Nature of Things this spring.