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Friday April 16 A Day In The Life of Earth From volcanoes to earthquakes & dust migration to meteorites — scientists reveal how much the Earth changes in 24 hours. More »


features Every day on earth the world’s plants grow 300 million tonnes, the same as an oak tree 3.5 km high And more astonishing facts about how the Earth changes in 24 hours. More »
features Victoria photographer spends years documenting the life of a lone wolf off Vancouver Island “I've just fallen in love with who he is, what his qualities are and how he lives his life out there.” More »
List Ferrets, foxes and the fringed orchid: Species that suffer when grasslands are threatened More than 70% of Canada’s prairie grassland has been converted for farming and other uses, endangering 60 species at risk More »
Update Conservationist mourns Victoria’s famed lonesome wolf, Takaya After more than 7 years living alone off the coast of the city, Takaya has been found dead on Vancouver Island More »
Point of View ‘We remain utterly dependent on nature.’ David Suzuki reflects on our advances in the past 60 years The Nature of Things has documented many ‘dire environmental problems,’ but has always offered solutions More »
Article Cruise lines are looking to innovate and stay afloat in a post-pandemic world Despite some alarming headlines, cruise-loving passengers are keen to return to sea. More »
Point of View We launched a media campaign to escape the Diamond Princess ‘COVID cruise’ ‘Fear is a great motivator [and] networking can be lifesaving,’ says author who was quarantined for 12 days on a cruise ship More »
Profile Meet the animal welfare scientist who is reimagining zoos Multispecies habitats should be designed around the animals’ needs, not the visitor’s More »
Video This man wants to create a sanctuary for retired whales in Nova Scotia It’s easy to capture a whale from the wild, but hard to put one back, says Charles Vinick More »
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The Nature of Things is one of the most successful series in the history of Canadian television. Hosted by the world-renowned geneticist and environmentalist, David Suzuki, the program is in its 60th year, a landmark by any standard.

Every week, the influential program presents stories that are driven by a scientific understanding of the world. Stories full of adventure, drama and insight. Our programs entertain and inspire audiences by engaging with the people and personalities behind the science.

From the search for other life in the universe to the psychology of babies, from the furry animals that invade your backyard to the consequences of human progress, The Nature of Things throws open the door to the wonder and accomplishments of science.