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Friday February 3 Secret Agents of the Underground Railroad How staff at a luxury hotel in Niagara Falls, NY helped ferry enslaved people to freedom More »


features How we get high: our bodies are perfectly primed for consuming cannabis Our bodies have an entire system that uses similar compounds to those found in cannabis More »
features Weed is stronger than ever, but it might not affect our brains that much: 6 surprising facts about cannabis Cannabis was the first thing ever sold online, but we’ve been using it for thousands of years More »
features 6 myths about rats, one of the most widespread creatures on Earth ‘We know more about life on Mars than how rats navigate life on Earth,’ researcher says More »
features Amazing superpowers make rats absolute legends Rats: They’re super breeders, super smellers and — yes, it’s true — they can swim up toilets More »
features Why rats can teach us a lot about relieving stress Controlling what we can in our world builds our resilience to stress and improves our health More »
features Onboard a dangerous mission to disentangle a right whale Dedicated volunteers, combined with strict fishing policies, may be softening the right whale’s decline More »
features Whale-friendly fishing: Crab fishers are testing new gear to help right whales Ropeless traps and high-tech equipment could mean fewer tangled whales More »
features Meet the new hosts of The Nature of Things: Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Anthony Morgan The pair say finding out they'd be helming the groundbreaking series was ‘a huge, huge shock’ and ‘the most surreal thing in the world.’ More »
features David Suzuki prepares to bid farewell to The Nature of Things: a letter to viewers ‘I leave with gratitude and confidence that another generation will continue to explore important and exciting stories' More »
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About the Show

The Nature of Things is one of the most successful series in the history of Canadian television. Hosted by the world-renowned geneticist and environmentalist, David Suzuki, the program is in its 61st year, a landmark by any standard.

Every week, the influential program presents stories that are driven by a scientific understanding of the world. Stories full of adventure, drama and insight. Our programs entertain and inspire audiences by engaging with the people and personalities behind the science.

From the search for other life in the universe to the psychology of babies, from the furry animals that invade your backyard to the consequences of human progress, The Nature of Things throws open the door to the wonder and accomplishments of science.