As Canada’s national public broadcaster, we aspire to foster a sense of national identity and greater social cohesion by creating a place to share Canada’s stories, to see and hear our values, including what makes us laugh, what moves us, what provokes us and what inspires us.

What data you choose to disclose, with whom, and why forms the basis of privacy and your right to it. If you want access to features that deliver more local, more customizable, more relevant content, these require personally identifiable information.

Filter Bubbles

Some search and feed algorithms contribute to Filter Bubbles. If you reward clickbait, or click on content that generally agrees with your biases, those algorithms are only going to show you more of it. It’s in our mandate to offer diverse viewpoints, and while you might disagree with some of these views, we won’t hide them from your view.


CBC/Radio-Canada uses algorithms to customize your online experience without skewing the representation of particular views. Algorithms haven’t replaced the skilled people who edit our story line-ups and decide what you see across our sites. They do generate features like our “Most Popular in Your Region” or “Top Stories” widgets. Our customized content experience keeps our digital platforms free from filter bubbles.