How to manage your cookies

The ABCs of cookies, blocking and browser blocking

Your data is valuable and we believe you should have a say in how much you share with us.

Your data helps us in important ways and shows us what content is resonating with our audience. It also allows us to target ads and information to specific audiences. Read more about how sharing your data helps us improve our content and our products.

Types of cookies

There are a few different types of cookies we rely on to help deliver content to you.

Here’s a brief overview:

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are needed for personalised services to work. If you sign in to comment on stories, for instance, our system needs a cookie to remember who you are.

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are needed for specific features to work. For example, saving your region allows you to see more of your local news each time you visit our site.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help us understand how our platforms are working. We need them to find out what errors are happening and to create statistical reports of our audiences. Without measuring what people are reading, watching and listening to, or if something is preventing them from doing so, we wouldn’t know how to improve.

Targeting cookies

Once our systems know your preferences, they can use targeting cookies to present the most relevant and timely content for you. Targeting cookies allow you to see personalised pages or ads that might be more interesting to you, or to avoid seeing the same items over and over again.

Cookie blockers and browser controls

If you do choose to download a cookie blocker, please note that these tools will stop some CBC/Radio-Canada products from working properly, if not entirely, on your computer. Specifically, your access to audio and video content, location-based services, search features, registration, sign-in and commenting may be affected.

We also ask that you please consider whitelisting Chartbeat, Adobe, Viafoura, and Scorecardresearch, so that we will continue to receive a minimum of useful information about how you’re using our sites.

You can also control what cookies are stored through your browser. In your browser settings, you can delete cookies individually or block cookies from a specific site. You can also set notifications that allow you to accept or reject a cookie.

For more on how to control the cookies in your browser, you’ll find more here: