Ad Preferences

You can control the type of advertising you see on our websites using the toggles below.


IMPORTANT: Advertisements on CBC websites and apps may be placed by either the CBC advertising team (direct advertising) or by programmatic advertising platforms.

These controls only affect direct advertisements.

Programmatic ads may continue to be personalized based on your activity on non-CBC websites. (A common example of programmatic ads are those that show you products you have looked at on an e-commerce website.)

We subscribe to the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s Self-Regulatory Principles for OBA. These principles promote consumers’ awareness and choice about how their information is used for IBA. You can opt out of the use of your browsing habits for IBA – just visit the AdChoices website provided by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada, and use the opt-out mechanism.

Why does CBC have advertising?

CBC has a mixed funding model, i.e., government funding and revenues from advertising. The revenue generated by advertising is invested into creating content and fulfilling our mandate as Canada's national public broadcaster.

Why personalize ads?

Being able to personalize advertising to people who visit our websites and apps helps us to make the most of our advertising dollars and it hopefully makes the advertisements a bit more useful to people when they visit us.

How are your ads personalized?

Ad personalization doesn't target you individually. Rather, ads are personalized to groups of people whose use of CBC websites and apps share certain characteristics.

For example, if you watch episodes of "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" on our CBC Gem website, we might store a cookie in your web browser that puts that browser into a group that has shown an interest in comedy shows. If we launch a new comedy show, we might display an ad for it on our website when someone uses a browser with that cookie to visit us again.