You'll never guess which Canadian musician is 6th on this list of most expensive cassettes ever sold

Hint: he's from Mount Uniacke, N.S.

Hint: he's from Mount Uniacke, N.S.

Out of the 100 titles on Discogs' list of most expensive cassettes, none of them sold for less than $500. (Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images)

Discogs has just released its list of the top 100 most expensive cassettes ever sold via the music database and marketplace website, and one Canadian artist's release hits No. 6 on the list.

A single cassette copy of Year Zero, Buck 65's second full-length album that came out in 1996, sold for a whopping $1,729 in 2017. The DJ and CBC Music host is close to the frontrunner for most expensive cassette on the list, which goes to the Artist (Formerly Known as Prince)'s The Versace Experience - Prelude 2 Gold, which Discogs notes was given out to attendees at Paris Fashion week in 1995 and was re-released on Record Store Day earlier this year. That No. 1 cassette sold for $4,117 in 2016.

Barenaked Ladies' Buck Naked, the band's first demo tape, is No. 97 on the list and sold for $500 in 2018.

While cassettes only made up 1.8 per cent of Discogs' sales in 2018, it is the fastest-growing format as compared to CD and vinyl, showing an increase of 24 per cent over 2017.

Check out the full list via Discogs, and maybe check on your collection and see if you have any cassette gold packed away in your home.