Will a rap video convince you to buy this Toronto home?

'This has been a great promotional tool,' says the realtor behind the video.

'This has been a great promotional tool,' says the realtor behind the video

Realtor Arty Basinski's 'real estate rap video' is getting the attention of Toronto home buyers. (Real Estate By Bike/YouTube)

When a realtor is selling a home, they'll often post an online listing accompanied by photos. If they want to step it up, they may include a virtual home tour. But for Toronto real estate agent Arty Basinski of Real Estate By Bike, neither of those were enough. So instead, he created a rap song and music video. As he states in the video's description: "Why do a virtual tour when you can make a rap video." 

"Lil Yellow House" is the name of the song Basinski created as well as the nickname given to the east-end semi detached bungalow he is tasked to sell. (The hook is written and performed by the home's seller, who is a singer and agreed to the collaboration.) Posted on May 4, the video has surpassed 11,000 views already. 

Basinski, who has been working as a realtor for seven years now, tells CBC Music that the reception to the video so far has been very positive. "There has been tons of interest in the house," he explains. "This has been a great promotional tool, which is music to clients' ears — pun intended."

He has even jokingly coined the combination of real estate and rap as the genre "rap estate." 

That said, Basinski says future music videos — of which he guarantees there will be more to come — may not be rap. "Depends on the house or condo," he notes. Basinski adds that he's always looking for sellers and/or collaborators who "would love to create a fun and memorable masterpiece that is sure to get attention." 

Watch "Lil Yellow House" below. 


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