We need your voice: enter now to join the Great Canadian Singalong

Submissions are now closed.

Submissions are now closed

We've tallied the votes and Blue Rodeo's 'Lost Together' was your choice for the song that will bring Canada together. (CBC Music)

CBC Music wants to join Canadians in song by collecting recorded performances of individuals singing the same great Canadian song from home. CBC Music will assemble these performances into one spectacular singalong — proving that few bonds are as strong as those between Canadians and their music.

Last week, we asked you to cast your vote for the song you want to sing. Today, we have the results. The song all of Canada will sing together is Blue Rodeo's "Lost Together." 

The next step is to submit your videos to us. Submissions are now closed, thank you if you sent in a video. Our compilation video will be released on May 12. 

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do: 

Come up with your own concept

Make it your own. Maybe wear something unique (no logos, please), gather your family or tackle it solo. Perhaps consider a way you can put your own spin on your performance. Maybe include your pet, a costume, pots and pans, a strobe light or even puppets!


To help you get started, we've put together a guide to help you make sure your video looks and sounds its best: 

  • Audio: You should sing along to the original song, but do it while listening on your headphones. That way you'll sing to tempo, in the same key, but without any of the music being audible in your video. If you need some help with lyrics, here's a refresher. For this video, we just need your voice so please don't play along with any instruments. 
  • Lighting: We want to see you clearly! Please make sure to use a bright light as your primary light source. It should be in front of you and not behind you. (Behind you will cause you to be in silhouette.) A window is always a good option because it will utilize natural daylight. Try to avoid direct sunlight though as it will be too harsh. A house light or lamp will work fine, too. 
  • Camera frame: You should be front and centre in the frame. Don't be too far away from the camera. 
  • Advice/best practices for capturing a high-quality image: Please make sure that the video you are capturing is in 1080p HD and the orientation is horizontal (landscape) and not vertical (portrait).


Once you have your video captured on your device, it's time to move it into cyberspace by uploading it to your own YouTube account. Whether you upload in a web browser or directly in the YouTube app on your phone or tablet, please fill out the following information in the YouTube upload interface: 

  • Title: make a note of this; you'll need to tell us in your submission form.
  • Description: any details you think we need to know.
  • Privacy/visibility: if you'd rather keep this between you and us for now, make sure to set your video as "unlisted." If you're happy to have your video seen on YouTube by the general public, please feel free to set it to "Public."
  • If you are asked to set the audience setting (if you're accessing via web browser), set it to "not made for kids." (It doesn't mean it's inappropriate for kids, just that your video is not made specifically for them.)


Once your video is uploaded to your YouTube channel, fill out this form to submit. 


Reach out to us at if you have any questions. 


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