Watch Polaris Music Prize nominee Les Louanges' new video for 'Attends-moi pas'

The new clip follows the musician's busy life on the road and at home in Montreal.

The new clip follows the musician's busy life on the road and at home in Montreal

Montreal artist Les Louanges is one of 10 shortlisted artists up for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize. (Les Louanges/YouTube)

Montreal newcomer Les Louanges has had a whirlwind year since he released his debut album, La nuit est une panthère. It included tours across Quebec, Europe and the U.S., hitting up the summer music festival circuit and a Polaris Music Prize shortlist nomination. 

Ahead of his highly anticipated appearance at this year's Polaris gala, which will take place at Toronto's Carlu on Sept. 16, Les Louanges has released a new single from his upcoming new EP, Expansion Pack (out Sept. 27). The track, "Attends-moi pas" ("Don't wait for me" in English), and its accompanying music video follow the musician, real name Vincent Roberge, as he tries to balance a life on the road and at home with friends and family. 

"'Attends-moi pas' is about the hardships of maintaining relationships while on tour, with a fast-paced life," Roberge explains in a statement. "It's about people we leave behind or disappoint, because we're gone all the time, or too busy." 

Drawing on the same grooving pop sounds that made La nuit est une panthère a success, "Attends-moi pas" uses swirling synths to create a sense of longing and distance. 

The video, directed by CAO, illustrates Roberge's busy life as he crams into a tour van with his bandmates, signs records for fans, does on-camera interviews and, most importantly, performs for thousands of fans at his live shows. It's a hectic, sometimes lonely job, but the beginning of the clip shows a point of respite where Roberge gets to relax at home in Montreal between stops. It's a candid and brief look at the musician's life before the van revs up once again, and is a poignant reminder that home is always there, waiting for him, when the tour wraps up. 

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