Watch Mariah Carey crash the Schitt's Creek cast performance of 'Hero'

David Rose, the pop icon's number 1 fan, had a 'heart attack.'

David Rose, the pop icon's number 1 fan, had a 'heart attack'

Pop star Mariah Carey made a surprise appearance in a special Schitt's Creek performance of 'Hero' as part of YouTube's Dear Class of 2020 virtual commencement celebration. (YouTube)

The cast of Schitt's Creek reunited for YouTube's Dear Class of 2020 virtual commencement special yesterday and was joined by a surprise guest: pop icon, Mariah Carey. 

Catherine O'Hara, Eugene and Dan Levy, Annie Murphy and others came together as their Schitt's Creek characters to sing an a cappella version of Carey's 1993 hit, "Hero," led by Noah Reid (Patrick) and Sarah Levy (Twyla). But near the end of their performance, Carey herself hopped onto the call to harmonize with everyone, surprising all the characters but especially Dan Levy, who in real life and on the show as David Rose, is obsessed with the singer. 

"I think I'm having a heart attack!" David shouts at the end of the song as Carey said hello to O'Hara's Moira. But before signing off, Carey turns her attention to David and sings a few lines from another famous track of hers, "Always be my Baby." (On the show's series finale, Patrick sings this song to David at their wedding.)

Watch the full performance below.


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