Watch Jeremy Dutcher write a Eurodance song about homework

On Ten-Minute Topline, a new series from CBC Music and The Creator Network, host Eve Parker Finley challenges her guests to make a melody in just 10 minutes.

New series Ten-Minute Topline challenges musicians to make a melody in just 10 minutes

Ten-Minute Topline: Jeremy Dutcher writes a Eurodance pop song about homework

9 days ago
Duration 11:28
Performer, composer, activist and musicologist Jeremy Dutcher’s music playfully blends classical influences and the traditional songs of his home, Tobique First Nation.

Ten-Minute Topline is a series about the art, joy and challenge of composing a melody. It's hosted by Eve Parker Finley, a Montreal musician, comedian and TikTok sensation who has racked up millions of likes on the platform. New episodes will be released every Friday until Feb. 17. 

What goes into writing a good melody? Inspiration can strike from anywhere, but there's nothing more exciting than watching a musician create under pressure. 

That's the impetus behind Ten-Minute Topline, a new CBC Music series produced by CBC's Creator Network, presented in the form of a hilarious, insightful and gamified music interview. 

On each episode, we invite a different musician and give them 10 minutes to compose a melody and lyrics — a.k.a. a topline — to a backing track on a topic chosen at random. Because who doesn't want to see your favourite musicians scramble to write an indie-pop song about the grocery store? Or an electro-clash banger about universal healthcare? Or a riot grrrl punk anthem about puppies? 

When I called up Jeremy Dutcher, Basia Bulat, Matt Rogers, Cedric Noel, and Thanya Iyer — a few of my favourite musician friends — and proposed this format to them, I was met with a mix of fear, confusion and, thankfully, enthusiasm. What emerged from the incredibly fun days of filming is a fascinating and entertaining portrait of creativity from beloved and emerging Canadian talent. 

Ten-Minute Topline is not just a music interview and performance, but a heartfelt and hilarious peek behind the curtain of songwriting. It's a chance to connect with your favourite musicians and demystify the process of creating a melody. 

So pull up a chair and enjoy the first episode, featuring Jeremy Dutcher penning an incredibly catchy topline about homework in the style of a Eurodance pop song. Watch the video above. 

Apologies in advance because these tunes will get stuck in your head. Sorry, not sorry. 


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