Watch 100s unite for this Great Canadian Singalong of Blue Rodeo's 'Lost Together'

Wrap yourself up in this great big hug of a singalong with Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy.

Wrap yourself up in this great big hug of a singalong with Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy

"Lost Together" by Blue Rodeo | The Great Canadian Singalong

2 years ago
Duration 4:58
Proving that few bonds are as strong as Canadians and their music, the country joins Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy in this spectacular video with recorded performances of their hit "Lost Together".

We called, and you answered.

First, we asked what song Canada should sing together, and you chose Blue Rodeo's "Lost Together." 

Then, we asked you to submit videos of yourselves performing the song in social isolation so that we could make a supercut of the singalong, complete with Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy leading the way.

The result: the most heartwarming thing you'll see on the internet today.

"It's a huge honour, the idea that so many people across the country would choose it, but that they would find comfort in it," Cuddy told CBC Mornings host Saroja Coelho in April, after "Lost Together" was chosen for the project. 

"I think that whatever has happened with this pandemic, we've peeled away all the layers of our lives, and everybody is open to what's happening to everybody else," Cuddy added. "And we have all the same anxieties, we have all the same fears, we have all the same empathy for the people who have been infected by it. And yet we see all the good things people are doing … and it's all so moving to realize how much we need each other. And how much we are willing to do for each other. And that's not something that's revealed to us very often. 

"So if in a small way, 'Lost Together' represents that, what we feel about each other, then that's beautiful."

Tuck into the final supercut above — and make sure to stay for the whistle solo at the end. Tell us what you think on Twitter @CBCMusic!


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