View these hilarious entries in the 'la speranza' challenge

Tenors around the world, including Canada's Josh Lovell, are making the most of their COVID-19 confinement.
Tenor Josh Lovell drinks scotch while taking the 'la speranza' challenge. (Josh Lovell/Facebook)

Operatic tenors around the world have been making the most of their COVID-19 confinement by taking part in the "la speranza" challenge. 

The idea is to post a video of yourself singing the climactic phrase of Rodolfo's aria, "Che gelida manina," from Act 1 of Giacomo Puccini's La bohème. The words of that phrase are, "la speranza!" ("hope!"), and they're sung on a musical line that goes up to a high C.

Some tenors have posted straight-ahead renditions of the phrase, while others, such as Canada's Josh Lovell, took the challenge to a fun new level. He made a supercut in which his high C goes on and on while he engages in all sorts of mundane activities: doing yoga, brushing his teeth, even eating cereal.

Here are some other outstanding entries in the "la speranza" challenge.

Tenor Santiago Ballerini, who sang in the Canadian Opera Company's production of Rossini's Il barbieri di Siviglia in January, likened his high C to a shriek of pain.

Arturo Chacón Cruz attempted the "la speranza" challenge while juggling.

And baritone Lucas Meachem rose to the challenge. Actually, as you'll see, he doesn't quite make it, but A for effort.

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