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Watch Aysanabee perform his powerful anthems on The Intro

The Oji-Cree musician kicks off Season 3 of the CBC Music series that spotlights emerging Canadian artists.

The Oji-Cree musician kicks off Season 3 of the CBC Music series that spotlights emerging Canadian artists

Aysanabee is making anthem rock with a message | The Intro

4 months ago
Duration 26:35
On this week's episode of The Intro, we're featuring Oji-Cree singer/ songwriter Aysanabee.

"Don't waste time, and just go for your dreams."

It's the advice Aysanabee wants emerging artists to keep in mind when they're starting out, or getting sidetracked. The Oji-Cree multi-instrumentalist didn't originally think he was going to make a career out of his music, but a near-death experience while working for a company in Northern Ontario made him rethink his path. Now, Aysanabee is the first signee on Ishkōdé Records, a new Indigenous-owned and women-led label co-founded by ShoShona Kish and Amanda Rheaume, and is able to focus on music full time. 

"To be able to create music and create art in that space is just an incredible thing," Aysanabee said, in his recent interview with CBC Music for The Intro.

It's a partnership that also allowed Aysanabee to release his debut full-length album much earlier than he expected. Watin was inspired by recorded conversations Aysanabee had with his grandfather, the album's namesake, during the pandemic, and on it Aysanabee joins his incomparable voice with his grandfather's, linking his past to his present in powerful reclamation. You can watch Aysanabee perform three songs from that upcoming album in his Intro session, above.

Watch Aysanabee perform his anthemic songs on this first episode of Season 3 of CBC Music's The Intro above. Watin will be released via Ishkōdé Records on Nov. 4

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