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Watch Julianna Riolino turn timeless influences into her own brand of modern Americana

The Toronto alt-country artist shines in the spotlight on her debut album, after years of supporting other artists’ projects.


Watch Flower Face perform her gorgeous folk-pop on The Intro

The Montrealer started by mailing out her bedroom-pop CDs to fans — now she has 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Watch Terrell Morris bring his genre-bending hip hop to The Intro

The Toronto rapper’s soulful hip hop blends inspiration from the past with innovative production.


Watch Rachel Bobbitt sing songs that helped her feel less alone

The singer-songwriter wrote her recent EP during isolation to feel closer to the people she was missing.


Watch Aysanabee perform his powerful anthems on The Intro

The Oji-Cree musician kicks off Season 3 of the CBC Music series that spotlights emerging Canadian artists.

Katie Tupper makes neo soul shaped by her Prairie home

The singer defies the expectation that her city of Saskatoon can only foster country musicians.

Teke::Teke's cinematic sounds illuminate the future of Montreal rock

The band explains the tornado of influences that came together on its 2021 debut album.

Devon Cole is making earworm pop with a feminist edge

The Calgary-born artist has blown up on TikTok, and she has her eye on the long game.

How Shawnee Kish reclaimed herself

'I was closeted in every sense of the word… and now everything has changed for me.'

Softcult is taking back control, one feminist grunge anthem at a time

Unashamedly calling out misogyny, abuse and sexual assault, this Kitchener duo is ready to be heard.

How Georgia Harmer transforms her memories into music

The Toronto artist is gearing up for the release of her debut album, Stay in Touch.

5 things you need to know about Le Ren, Canada's rising folk singer

Meet the woman who's writing a new chapter in the folk canon.

From brimstone to ballroom, musician James Baley prevails to tell a powerful story

The singer-songwriter grew up in a church where being queer was a sin. Now he’s performing in his truth.

Welcome to Charmaine's Hood Avant Garde

Rap's new Renaissance woman knows exactly what she wants.

How Ouri transformed her classical training into boundary-pushing electronic music

‘I knew that electronic music was the key to free myself from all the dogma of classical music,’ says the Montreal producer and multi-instrumentalist.

'I've never written about heartbreak before': Peach Luffe hits pause on the happy songs

The band from Toronto is known for its cheerful alt-pop. That’s about to change, according to bandleader Jong Lee.

Tush is making house and disco raw again, 1 live session at a time

An antithesis to glossy and pristine electronic production, this Toronto band wants to embrace imperfection and improvisational experimentation.

Introducing Boy Golden, your new favourite country outlier

The Winnipeg musician went from pop-rocker to the guitar-slinging minister of a church.

Boyfrn is filling a void: 'This project is for Black boys like me'

His vulnerable R&B blends everything from hip hop and calypso to punk rock and trap.

Meet Mighloe, a rising singer who channels all her fiery emotions through an R&B alter ego

The Pickering, Ont., singer opens up about her ongoing journey of musical self-discovery.


Morgan Toney's breakthrough year: meet the 22-year-old Mi'kmaq fiddler fusing ancestral songs and Celtic tunes

A virtual show made him an overnight success, then he recorded and released his debut — all during COVID.

For Maddie Jay, a solo project means a chance to play by her own rules

After touring with Naia Izumi, Skylar Grey and Emily Warren, this hired gun needed an outlet for herself.

Whitney K's folk-country-punk gets its official debut with Two Years

The Whitehorse-based singer-songwriter is Saroja Coelho's guest on The Intro.

Brittany Kennell wants to transform Montreal into Canada's country music hub

The former The Voice contestant was building a career in Nashville until a breakup forced her to come home.

Old meets new in Dacey's cheerful alt-pop

Singer-songwriter Dacey Andrada and her bandmate Justin Tecson are Saroja Coelho's guests on The Intro.