The Golden Globes Fiji Water girl starred in this Canadian band's music video

Hint: she made a wish at 11:11.

Hamilton rockers Arkells took to Instagram to remind us that we've seen the viral model before

The Golden Globes' Fiji Water Girl once starred in an Arkells music video. (Arkells/YouTube)

The Golden Globes are always a great source of viral moments and memes. From Emma Stone's loud apology for her whitewashing role in the 2015 film Aloha, to Glenn Close's tearjerker acceptance speech, Sunday night's events have fuelled the internet for the week with enough gems and discussions. But one of the strangest memes that came from that night wasn't related to a movie or TV show at all; instead, it focused on a bottled water brand.

One particular woman, now deemed as the "Fiji Water Girl," captured the attention of award-show watchers when she appeared to have photobombed a number of famous actors on the red carpet.

Though likely a PR stunt by Fiji Water to promote their product, many on the internet wondered, "Who is that girl?" Turns out, the viral sensation is a Toronto (now L.A.-based) model named Kelleth Cuthbert. But, Cuthbert may not be a stranger to Canadian rock fans.

Following all the press around the Fiji Water Girl meme, Hamilton rockers Arkells took to Instagram to remind us that we've seen Cuthbert before: in the band's 2015 music video for "11:11."

"Fiji water girl strikes again!" the band posted, alongside a clip of their video.

Watch the full music video below.


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