So long, Schitt's Creek and thanks for the music

A look back at the CBC comedy's best musical moments.

A look back at the CBC comedy's best musical moments

Canadian TV series Schitt's Creek has had many memorable musical moments. To mark its series finale, we look back at its best performances. (CBC)

It's so hard to say goodbye, particularly to a show like Schitt's Creek. Over six seasons, fans and critics alike have fallen hard for the Canadian slice of small town escapism co-created by and starring Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, the real life father and son who also portray David and Johnny Rose, respectively. The sitcom co-stars fellow Canadian comedy legend Catherine O'Hara (Moira Rose) as well as breakout stars Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose), Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd) and Noah Reid (Patrick Brewer). 

Schitt's Creek is a show about family and class, love and connection, and making space for its characters to actually acknowledge and articulate their feelings, growing and evolving beautifully over the series' run. It's also a show that's wonderfully absurd, wildly funny, and absolutely loves music. In fact, over its six seasons, Schitt's Creek has offered up some standout musical performances that we'll be coming back to for decades to come. From Stevie Budd's triumphant showstopper to Patrick's tear-jerking open mic solo to an awkward but loving lip sync, CBC Music looks back on Schitt's Creek's most important musical moments. 

'Baby I'm Yours' (Season 3, episode 13: 'Grad Night')

Alexis and Moira may not have always had the closest relationship, but on the night of Alexis's high-school graduation, Moira proves she truly cares for her daughter by relocating her important Jazzagals performance to the high-school gymnasium. (Alexis originally demanded her parents not attend, but deep down was hoping for some moral support.) The smile Alexis cracks upon seeing Moira up onstage, singing Barbara Lewis' 1965 song "Baby I'm Yours," is one of her most beautiful and earnest of the series.  

'Simply the Best' (Season 4, episode 6: 'Open Mic')

Patrick won everybody's heart when he serenaded David with this stripped-down version of Tina Turner's iconic song. This ultra vulnerable and intimate moment was a joy to watch, but it also helps propel character growth for Patrick, David, and Moira and delivers on something that's eluded David for a long time: unconditional love. 

'Simply the Best' (part 2) (Season 4, episode 9: 'The Olive Branch')

After a temporary break, David tries to make amends with Patrick by doing something that's equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. Throwing back to Patrick's open mic performance, David dances and lip syncs to "Simply the Best." David's gesture is goofy and totally out of character, but it does the trick. (In real life, that moment made everyone on set cry.)     

'Christmas duet' (Season 4, episode 13: 'Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose')

The Christmas special opens with a jazzy rendition of "Silent Night" performed by Moira and David in a welcome flashback to the Roses' old life (re: when they were rich) with Moira's "most cherished friend," Paul Schaffer, accompanying the mother-son duo on the piano.

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'Silent Night' (Season 4, episode 13: 'Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose') 

After Johnny tries to revive the Rose family holiday festivities to disastrous results, but Moira, David and Alexis come together to pull off a last-minute surprise for their dad. The Christmas-themed episode ends in a beautiful sing-along of "Silent Night" with all their friends in Schitt's Creek — a moment that's surely more heartfelt than any of those lavish events the Roses once hosted in their mansion. 

'A Little Bit Alexis' (Season 5, episode 8: 'The Hospies') 

Alexis wants to book the lead role for the Schitt's Creek staging of Cabaret, and what better way than to perform the title track from her "critically reviewed" (and short-lived) reality show? "I'm expensive sushi/ I'm a cute, huge yacht/ I'm a little bit single/ even when I'm not," Murphy sings, straight-faced, performing to a casting committee of two: her mother and Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Roberts). Alexis skips away, thinking she nailed it, and Moira and Jocelyn are left to figure out how to break the bad news — while keeping straight faces. The audition and song, which Murphy co-wrote for the scene, are so delightfully ridiculous that "A Little Bit Alexis" has since hit more than one million streams on Spotify — and was recently performed by Murphy and Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Money (Season 5, episode 12: 'The Roast')

In an effort to nail their performance of "Money" from Cabaret, Patrick and Stevie go behind Moira's back to hire a choreographer and put in extra hours of practice. When Moira and David finally catch them in the act, Patrick and Stevie are frantic and sweaty, but their routine is otherwise in good shape prompting David to give them a rare compliment: "Was not embarrassed at all."

'Maybe This Time' (Season 5, episode 14: 'Life is a Cabaret')

Stevie Budd's journey was a quietly powerful one over Schitt's Creek six seasons, and it comes to an incredible climax in the fifth season finale with her powerhouse solo as Sally Bowles in the community theatre production of Cabaret. Emily Hampshire nails every emotion as Stevie nervously takes the spotlight, her voice shaking in fear. As Stevie sings, the words give her strength, transforming her before the audience's eyes as she seems to step into her own body for the first time and begins to belt it out. 


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