Foxtrott, Safia Nolin, Garçons and more: Songs you need to hear this week

Check out new songs by Garçons, Safia Nolin, Alexandra Stéliski, Foxtrott and Moscow Apartment.
Foxtrott returns after a three-year hiatus. (Courtesy of the artist)

Each week, CBC Music producers come together to highlight Canada's best new tracks.

This week, we have songs from Garçons, Safia Nolan, Alexandra Stéliski, Foxtrott and Moscow Apartment. Scroll down to find out why you need to hear them.

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'Be You', Moscow Apartment

Of the many things I wish I could've told my teenage self, a line like, "I won't let myself be used by you," would probably rank high up there. It's a little slice of wisdom that comes to us from teen songwriting duo, Moscow Apartment, who recently performed at the CBC Music Festival. The indie-rock number "Be You" finds Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla empowering listeners, advising them to just, as the title states, be yourself — an act that one should never have to feel conflicted or confused about. All these years later, it's still an important message to hear and remember, whether in song form, or just repeated to yourself in the mirror on a regular basis.

— Melody Lau

'Wait', Foxtrott

Three years have passed since Montreal artist Foxtrott scored a Polaris Music Prize long list nomination with her debut album, A Taller Us. While fans will have to wait a little longer for another full-length, there won't be a shortage of new music from Marie-Hélène Delorme this year. Foxtrott is set to deliver three EPs, titled Meditations, and "Wait" is our first taste of what's to come. A slinky R&B track, pulled forward by pulsating drum beats, Delorme is giddy and filled with a new energy that she's dropping everything for: "The rest has to wait." On "Wait", she succumbs to her desires and the result is pure satisfaction.

— ML

'Plus tôt', Alexandra Stéliski

Alexandra Stréliski self-released her debut album eight years ago, and now that she's signed to Secret City Records, she's ready to release the followup. "Plus tôt" is the first single off of Inscape, the new album to come out Oct. 5, and it's a beautiful piano piece that soundtracks the calm before the storm. "A piece evoking the space-time in which we find ourselves before things happen to us," Stréliski clarified via press release. We're eager to hear what else comes of this new collection of works.

— Holly Gordon

'Numba One', Garçons

Ahead of the release of their debut EP Body Language, Ottawa R&B duo Garçons have released the reggae-infused summer jam "Numba One", urging love interests everywhere to make up their minds. Comprised of capable vocalist Deelo and producer/video director Julian Strangelove, Garçons' aesthetic — from their colourful visuals to '70s streetwear — is deliciously chic, hooking you even before you hear their flavour of bouncy, tropical soul. While Toronto is no stranger to Caribbean-influenced pop, it's refreshing to hear artists from the nation's capital stepping up to the plate in time for breezy, top-down season.

— Jess Huddleston

'Les chemins', Safia Nolin

One needn't be fluent in French to understand the ache and break of "Les chemins", from Safia Nolin's forthcoming record, Dans le noir. Nolin evokes hope in despair, her exquisite, expressive voice reaching up as if wishing upon a star, every creak and vibration of her guitar pushing her closer to the constellations, because a dream might be more likely to come true if you meet the sky halfway there.

— Andrea Warner


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