Favourite Spaces: Lido Pimienta reveals a colourful corner of her studio

The Polaris Prize-winning artist does "anything to keep active and inspired."

The Polaris Prize-winning artist does 'anything to keep active and inspired'

Lido Pimienta gives CBC Music a virtual tour of her studio in Toronto. (Lido Pimienta)

2017 Polaris Prize winner Lido Pimienta recently released her second full-length album, Miss Colombia, to deservedly widespread praise. Written and arranged herself, and recorded in both San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia and her home in Toronto, the bright, instrument-rich tapestry symbolizes autonomy, life lived and, ultimately, Pimienta's musical arrival.

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Pimienta successfully blends colourful pop, electronic and reggae with Afro-Colombian textures, while her pure and capable vocals carry the largely historical narrative.

Pimienta's physical space is no less eclectic than her new release. Below, Pimienta gives CBC Music a virtual glimpse into her Toronto studio as part of Favourite Spaces — a series highlighting where artists are spending their time while staying home and socially distancing to help control the spread of COVID-19.

A corner of Pimienta's Toronto studio. (Lido Pimienta)

"This is a corner in my studio, where I keep most of my tools and materials to make all of the visual work I am creating while waiting for life to go back to regular. I also keep my xylophone close, in case any new melodies come to me while I paint. I need colour and texture around and I like to keep adding elements to my pieces, so this orange textile tapestry is a reminder of my own growth and that I can always improve upon myself so that I can be the best artist I can be."

Lido Pimienta released her second album, Miss Colombia, on April 17. (Lido Pimienta)

"My home is my sanctuary. In the times of COVID-19, I am extremely grateful for being a VIP star member of the 'stay at home club' society, because in isolation, I am creative and focused. When it was established that we as a society needed to stay home and our concerts and touring life got cancelled or postponed, I knew it was time to shift gears and look at the other talents and skills I have to support my music and my release."

Pimienta has been painting blank vinyl jackets to accompany her new album, Miss Colombia. (Lido Pimienta)

"We ordered 100 blank vinyl jackets that I've been painting for a limited edition series of Miss Colombia LPs. I've also been creating tons of textiles and ceramic pieces, and new illustrations that will likely end up in a tarot deck — anything to keep active and inspired, engaged with my followers, making meaningful and beautiful art."

(Lido Pimienta)

(Lido Pimienta)

(Lido Pimienta)

"Organization is very important to me, so labels and tags are key to keeping my shelves clutter-free. I keep my tools in their spots, like my small camera collection and my mediums and pencils — it helps me stay productive and prolific."

(Lido Pimienta)

"I keep a stack of books on a stool to take breaks in between painting and writing and doing interviews. I enjoy graphic novels, high fashion, political reviews and art history books. It's all inspiring and lovely."

(Lido Pimienta)


Jess Huddleston

Senior producer and host of The Intro, CBC Music

Jess Huddleston is a senior producer and host of The Intro at CBC Music.