Drake, Jazz Cartier, falcxne and more: songs you need to hear this week

Drake's "In my Feelings" has an official new music video — and you'll want to watch it.
Drake's Scorpion has been out for a month now, but the video for "In My Feelings" has finally dropped, and it does not disappoint. (YouTube/Drake)

Each week, CBC Music producers come together to highlight Canada's best new tracks.

This week, we have songs from Drake, Jazz Cartier and more. Scroll down to find out why you need to hear them.

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'In my Feelings', Drake

Drake's Scorpion has been out for a month now, but last week we finally got the cameo-filled video for No. 1 hit "In my Feelings". "I want you to leave. And don't forget to go when you leave," yells The Cosby Show's Phylicia Rashad, who plays the mom to a woman whom Drake is trying to convince to come out, Romeo and Juliet-style on the front lawn of a house in New Orleans. The video was shot on location in early July by Karena Evans, the director behind other recent Scorpion videos, including "God's Plan", "Nice for What" and "I'm Upset". If you want the full cameo rundown — including Big Freedia and comedian Shiggy, who kicked off the viral campaign for that "In My Feelings" dance everyone's doing — Billboard has it for you.

— Holly Gordon

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'IDWFIL', Jazz Cartier

An acronym for "I Don't Want to Fall In Love", "IDWFIL", off Jazz Cartier's latest album, Fleurever, is a ruminative take on relationships. As noted in Complex's recent profile, the rapper is all about duality: masculine and feminine energy; aggression and happiness; his identity as Jazz Cartier and his alter-ego, Jacuzzi LaFleur, and more. One of the ways he invokes this on the new single is with the sample of Kali Uchis's "Tyrant", Her voice weaves in and out of the track, feeling both intense and ethereal. The sample juxtaposes the haze of puppy love with the reality of pushing relationships away. It's melancholic, and hauntingly beautiful.

— Natasha Ramoutar

'Bobcaygeon' (Tragically Hip cover), Reuben and the Dark

The first time Reuben and the Dark performed their cover of the Tragically Hip's "Bobcaygeon", they knew they wanted to go into the studio and record it. Now that proper recording has been released, and proceeds from this song will be given to the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund. This cover is simple and, for the most part, faithful to the original, but sometimes the best covers are the most respectful and straightforward. Singer Reuben Bullock's delivery is emotional, but his voice soars sky-high as if he's howling into the abyss, truly hoping for the constellations to reveal themselves one star at a time.

— Melody Lau

'Come First', falcxne

Making music with a throwback vibe is a tightrope walk; you risk either being blatantly derivative or spoiling the vintage feel with heavy-handed production. One of the musicians getting it right these days is Montreal/Toronto producer falcxne, whose approach is to adopt the intent of retro soul and pop, without actually copying it, and let it inform his unique contemporary sound. On "Come First", we hear the influence not only of '70s ballads (the Bee Gees come to mind) but also nocturnal, urban neo-soul — the perfect backdrop for this song's distinctive melodic contour and falcxne's expressive vocals.

— Robert Rowat


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